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Welcome to Designer Paws Salon—the premier destination for pet care. Our salon offers a broad scope of services, from grooming and haircuts to spa treatments, all in a luxurious environment designed for your pet’s comfort. Our state-of-the-art facility features sprung gym floors and cutting-edge equipment, ensuring that your pet receives the best care.

What is Designer Paws Salon

Designers at the Designer Paws Salon will stand unwaveringly alongside customers to provide the finest grooming services, thanks to the world-class designs of their exclusive hair care products and services.

At Designer Paws Salon, each client receives the ultimate grooming experience. Our team of dedicated professionals prides itself on delivering luxury services far beyond standard trims and shampoos.


Our bath and brush services at Designer Paws Salon are nothing like an ordinary sequence. Our specialists use only premium shampoo, conditioner, soap, and cologne that will make you envious. We use a bathing system where our pets are massaged while being cleaned.

Our tubs begin with an intense cleansing Taubate to remove dirt from the very skin for the early bath. Next, we use a brightening and revitalizing shampoo to animate the color and tint of your cat.

The shower is accompanied by light conditioning, which you can extend to an oil changer. Only the best satisfies you or your pet; You can upgrade your bath to a bit facial or choose from our library of tooth-brushing sessions. We also focus on the anuses for your needs at an additional charge.

Cat Grooming

Designer Paws Salon offers cat grooming and bathing near our facility. There’s a dedicated room dedicated to keeping our feline friends safe when they are with us.

We appreciate that cats in our cat grooming keep cats in New Queens for the least amount of time possible to optimize a client’s comfort. Bid farewell to a guest from when the cat cleanup conclusion is up to date till 30minutes, or 11/2 hours, at most. We require proprietors to bring felines home straight away following their cleanup.

Dog Grooming

If you or your dog needs scissors, hand stripping, a hand cut, or in a boar and mane, we’re all set to cut and take care of your dog’s grooming style here. We can accommodate even larger dogs and have years of experience doing beautifully with powerful dogs weighing as much as 250 pounds. Our award-winning groomers will give your dog complete attention, as the award they’ve won illustrates.

In the event of a health issue, your mutt will be analyzed by Designer Paws Salon on-site specialists and veterinarians.

Creative Grooming

This style goes far beyond typical grooming and can include anything as minor as a feather in the ear or as significant as an all-the-way-colored theme for a carefully curated pet.

We would never use anything harmful on your pet, and we’re not going to use any dye or toners that ought to be risked. We only suggest this hairstyle for some, including every animal or owner. The only difference is adjusting dyes, or temporary hair color is quicker for the pet. They stare and flaunt their newly dyed ears and tails when it’s all said and done.


In conclusion, the Designer Paws Salon is the perfect place for pet owners to provide their furry friends with the care and attention they deserve. From their professional, experienced staff to their top-of-the-line grooming equipment, Designer Paws Salon has everything required to create a comfortable and enjoyable experience for pets and their owners. Designer Paws Salon has the expertise and services to meet your pet’s needs, whether a quick trim or a full spa day.

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