Well, many of you might agree that working in the office environment is quite tiring when it demands long work hours as well. But what if we tell you that we have cracked the way out of it.

Yes, your office days can be simpler and fun with just a few tricks on, you definitely might have a dress code when it comes to the office, we all do. But what if we try out a little charm when it comes to the clothes we wear in an office.

The best way you can add colours to your boring work life is by experimenting as best as you can. It will not only make it interesting for you, but also for the people around you.

The attire that could charm your office look

You might take hours to decide what to wear for your office but end up wearing the same thing as always. It’s not just the clothes, but also the accessories that play an important role when it comes to perfect attire.

So, here are a few suggestions that you could actually try on when it comes to perfect office attire.

Flared pants

Instead of just wearing normal straight pants, one must definitely go for something different, such as flared trousers. These trousers when plain add a completely new look to the attire. If we are convinced into wearing flared pants, the next thing you have to do is to get a top or a crop that compliments the same. This way it will look formal yet geek style as well, making it a popular and staple office attire.


You might not believe it, but the glasses have the ability to boost your personality in no time. The reason being is that these glasses are able to adjust themselves to the shape of the face. This way they are able to complement each other, when it comes to your office attire, the best one can go with is rectangular glasses. These are best suited when worn by someone with a round or oval face shape. As they are able to provide that required sharpness and edge to the face.

Rectangular frames are considered to be one of the safe yet stylish options one can go for their daily office wear. On the contrary, if one has a square or diamond face then a pair of round frames are best to go.

Carry a bag

This might sound simple and almost what everyone does but it is super essential to carry a bag and what is most essential is what kind of bag you are carrying. The best one can go for the side bags, these are extremely efficient, yes they are super classy. Even if you do not have many accessories to put in, you can just put your phone in there are carry it just for style, who’s going to check *wink wink*.


Another super important accessory is nothing but your watch. Yes, you might not give much importance to it but your watch speaks a lot about your style. Both smart and analogue watches are made just to make you look good. And trust us when we say these watches are more than just looking at the time. They have become a wardrobe staple in themselves and it has the ability to compliment every attire. It adds a certain type of class to the whole look and that’s what we want, an elite fashion especially when it comes to analogue watches.

Smart gadgets

Want to look all brainy, smart, and geeky at the same time? Then smart gadgets are the way to go. They are the perfect attention grabbers, if you do not trust us then you should try them out for yourself.

These gadgets have this unique ability to make people look just like rectangle frame glasses, so you might want to go for something like a smartwatch, Bluetooth earphones, or something that is smart and that makes you look smart. Your dream to be the geeky gadget guy just got fulfilled.


You might be sceptical about this one, but perfumes are one important accessory that could not be missed. Perfumes are just like the cherry on top, and there are different types of perfumes, one is summer and then winter.

Summer perfume is mainly all fruity and breezy in smell to keep you fresh for longer hours. When we come to winter perfumes, we would do something that is strong so the smell retains for longer hours through the thick layer of clothes.

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