This statement, however, is not fully true. It is possible to get rich by investing in cryptocurrency’s new investment vehicle, which the world is running after now. You also have chances to lose money on cryptocurrency, as in the case of any other investment if not done well. So, how can both these assumptions be true? Let’s explore.

There is no doubt that cryptocurrency is here to stay and is a good investment if you gain some direct exposure to the market demands of digital currency. However, if you want to be safer with lesser returns, the alternatives could be to buy the company stocks or commodities. Let’s further explore the pros and cons of crypto investment.

Pros and cons of crypto coin investing

Various factors are deciding whether your crypto coin investing is safe. There are established and emerging cryptos there in the market, and each varies in value. Some of them are to stay where some of them may doom overtime.

The risks of crypto coin

There are some risks associated with crypto. Investors should decide the choice for themselves to weigh the benefits against the risks and find which one works or not. Here are some risks to know.

  • The crypto exchanges are more like the stock exchanges, which are vulnerable to being hacked or the threat actors’ target. Security breaches on crypto platforms and also the malicious players in the market have also led to sizable losses in the crypto market in the short span of time itself.
  • Safe storage of cryptocurrency is not so simple when compared to bonds or stocks. There are many cryptocurrency exchanges like Coinbase etc., which makes the trading of Bitcoin or Ethereum easy, but many investors may not like to keep their assets on the trading exchanges due to the risk of potential cyberattacks.
  • Some cryptocurrency investors may prefer “cold storage” methods office like the hardware disks or paper wallets; however, this storage mode also comes with various challenges. The biggest challenge is losing the private key phrase for your crypto. Without this key, you will not be able to access the cryptocurrency anymore to trade.
  • There’s no guarantee that the crypto project you choose to invest in may ultimately succeed. We may expect that only a handful of cryptocurrency projects may flourish and sustain ultimately. As with any other industry, there is fierce competition in crypto, too, with thousands of projects on crypto blockchain and more advanced technologies are also being experimented with in crypto. In the midst of these, many scams are prevalent in the crypto coin market.

Despite all their inherent risks, which you need to be aware of, cryptocurrencies are growing stronger and proving to be the most powerful and return-oriented investment of our times. Professional and personal crypto coin investing are gaining in popularity largely, and investors are getting more and more tools to manage, protect, and optimize their crypto investment. A solid financial infrastructure is now being built around crypto, and the investors too are now able to access the security of institutional-grade cryptocurrency custody services.

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