Kevin Zazzera

The Law Office of Kevin Zazzera provides experienced and knowledgeable legal services to clients throughout the state. With over ten years of knowledge in the legal industry, they are dedicated to helping their clients secure positive outcomes. Attorney Kevin Zazzera is a highly respected trial lawyer with an established track record of success. He has handled numerous cases involving criminal defense, family law, and personal injury matters.

At the Law Office of Kevin Zazzera, each case is treated with individualized attention and care. Clients can trust that their matter will be given the highest level of priority and importance. Their attorneys are detail-oriented and have a unique understanding of the laws surrounding each case they represent in court. They strive to ensure that every client’s needs are met with professionalism and compassion during this difficult time.

Services Offered

With over two decades of experience, the Law Office of Kevin Zazzera offers a broad range of civil and criminal litigation services. The team at the Law Office has successfully litigated cases for individuals and businesses across many different areas, including personal injury, business disputes, family law matters, traffic tickets, and more.

Clients of the Law Office are sure to receive top-notch service as Mr. Zazzera leads a talented group of attorneys and paralegals dedicated to providing quality legal representation that brings results. In addition to its comprehensive legal services, the firm also provides clients with advice on how best to protect their rights while preserving their interests in any given situation.

Professional Experience

The Law Office of Kevin Zazzera has over twenty years of experience providing legal services to individuals and organizations. With a strong focus on professionalism and customer satisfaction, this firm is known for its top-notch legal representation in matters ranging from civil law to intellectual property rights. In addition to their superior level of service, the Law Office of Kevin Zazzera also provides comprehensive advice on tax concerns, estate planning, and employment issues.

As one of the most trusted firms in the area, the Law Office of Kevin Zazzera offers outstanding representation with a team composed of knowledgeable attorneys and staff members dedicated to helping clients achieve their desired results. The attorneys have a deep understanding of the laws that affect their clients, allowing them to provide competent counsel regarding any legal matter.

Client Testimonials

Client testimonials are essential to any business, and the Law Office of Kevin Zazzera is no different. Located in Chicago, the Law Office of Kevin Zazzera has been providing legal representation to clients since 2007 with a wide range of services. Clients have consistently praised their experiences at this law office as they provide personalized attention to every case.

One satisfied customer said, “When I first approached the Law Office of Kevin Zazzera with my situation, I was met with respect and confidence. They provided me with clear guidance throughout my case, giving me peace of mind that everything would be handled professionally and efficiently.” Another client had similar praise: “The staff at the Law Office of Kevin Zazzera did a great job representing my interests during my legal proceedings.


The Law Office of Kevin Zazzera is an excellent choice for those seeking quality legal services. With experienced attorneys and a commitment to providing the best possible outcome, clients can trust that they will be taken advantage of with their legal matters. The firm also offers a variety of payment plans and flexible hours, making it easy to incorporate into your schedule. Additionally, the firm is dedicated to providing professionalism and respect to every client.

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