Alluxa is a company that specializes in the design, manufacture, and delivery of optofluidic products. They offer a wide range of optical components, systems, and services for the precision measurement and control of light. Alluxa has developed innovative technologies to provide customers with superior performance in terms of speed, accuracy, and flexibility. Their advanced optofluidic solutions are used for integrated photonics, biomedical instrumentation, sensing systems, and life sciences research.

With over 15 years of knowledge in the industry, Alluxa has become an established leader in optofluidics technology. They have an extensive portfolio that includes waveguide chipsets, laser cavities, spectrometers, and light engines that all measure light at nanometer-scale resolutions.

Products: What They Offer

Products are integral to a company’s success, and Alluxa is no exception. Our products vary from simple optical filters to complex optomechanical systems, all designed to meet the highest quality and performance standards. With a team of experienced engineers and researchers on staff, we are constantly innovating new solutions for our customers.

At Alluxa, our products offer something for everyone. Whether you need a high-performance filter for your research project or an advanced laser system for your factory, we have what you need. We also specialize in customizing existing products to fit your requirements or developing new ones tailored specifically to you. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction comes with every product – so you can expect only the best when you choose Alluxa!

Quality: High Precision Optics

High-precision optics from Alluxa are essential for many applications, ranging from medical diagnostics to sensing and defense. Alluxa is a leading supplier of advanced optical components that deliver unparalleled resolution, transmission efficiency, and stability performance. Their unique manufacturing processes allow them to create superior-quality custom optics, enabling customers to achieve their desired results.

Alluxa’s high-precision optics offer significant advantages over traditional designs due to their tight tolerances when producing lenses and mirrors. They can produce minimal features with high accuracy and repeatability, which are critical for the most demanding applications. Additionally, their proprietary coatings provide superior durability that ensures long-term performance in challenging environments. With Alluxa’s high-precision optics, customers can rest assured that they will get reliable results every time.

Technology: Their Process and Capabilities

Technology is an ever-evolving field, and its capabilities are constantly expanding. One of the most advanced technology companies today is Alluxa, a leader in precision optical filters and custom optical coatings. Their process of creating high-quality optics offers customers a wide range of functionalities and features.

Alluxa’s dedication to providing innovative and reliable products has enabled it to become one of the most sought-after technology companies on the market. Utilizing cutting-edge design methods, they can create optimal product solutions that meet customer needs quickly and accurately. Their core competency lies in their ability to develop advanced optical filters that can be used in many industries, including Aerospace, Medical Device Manufacturing, Military & Defense, Biotechnology/Life Sciences, Industrial Imaging & Sensing Equipment Manufacturing, Security & Surveillance Systems Manufacturing, Projection Display Applications Manufacturing among others.


\Alluxa is a reliable source for high-precision optical filters and other products. Their ability to deliver superior quality, performance, and repeatability at an affordable price makes them the leading choice among customers in the industry. Alluxa’s commitment to innovation ensures that it can continue providing its customers with the best cutting-edge solutions. Additionally, their customer service team is available 24/7 to ensure any issue can be addressed quickly and efficiently.

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