Many people in their 40s realize the value of time, and this is why they endeavor to devote themselves to things and people that matter to them. This is the change they make when they grow older. As one age, time becomes a luxury, and this is where you should focus on spending it wisely. 

Joe Cianciotto and the value of old friendships 

Joe Cianciotto has been in New York for most of his life. He was born in Brooklyn and raised in the region of Strong Island. He has an Italian heritage and spent the last 20 years in the advertising sector, working his way from a presentation designer to an Executive Creative Director. 

In the past two decades, he got the opportunity to work in top agencies like Publicis, DDB, Translation, and recently his consultancy named L360.

Cherishing the value of friendship- keeping in touch with those who care 

Sadly, everyone is busy and juggling 24 hours the day with work and other responsibilities to such an extent that they have no time for old friends. However, these people have occupied a significant space and spot in your heart ever since the time you can remember. 

From kindergarten days to your wedding, these friends have been with you all these years. They are the human beings of your life with whom you share a magical bond. 

Tips for meeting your old friends and spending time with them regularly 

According to him., spending time with old friends adds immense value to your life. The following are some of the tips that he recommends when it comes to finding time for them and bonding-

  1. Call or text them– make a list of your old friends whom you miss or have not spoken to for a long time. Call or give them an instant text to know how they are and what they are doing. You can do these calls or texts to them 2 to 3 times a week and get the conversation going with your long-lost friends.
  1. Zoom calls with your whole crew– get every one of your friends on a Zoom Call. This experience is one of the best things you can give yourself and them. You spend a lot of time speaking to people at the workplace or neighborhood. Grab the time and connect with your old friends. 
  2. Try to meet up in real life– if you are lucky and all of your friends are nearby, schedule a meet-up and ask them to come. This will help you regularly catch up and become a part of each other’s life. 

According to Joe Cianciotto, practice all the above three steps and see the wonders they can do to your friendship. You spend a lot of time with the people you do not wish to meet, so why not replace them with your old friends and positively transform your life with meaningful connections! What do you think of this?

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