Each and every person looks forward to growth. One of the key aspects that set humans apart from other species is the presence of conscience. Humans are able to learn and grow faster than any other being in the existence. They have the capacity to hustle and work their way through challenges to achieve progress. As there would be no life without growth, it is safe to assume that humans are in core need of achieving growth and making progress.  There is a varied range of development ‘fields’ that people individuals pursue for the purpose of satisfying their growth requirements, including spiritual growth and personal growth. Spiritual teachers like Teal Swan often provide people with valuable guidance when it comes to walking down the path of such growth.

While talking about personal growth, most people refer to the growth of their personality characteristics, qualities and circumstances; basically whatever elements make them what they are today. A person is made up of all the feelings, thoughts and experiences they underwent during their time on earth. But their soul essentially is a different entity and it lives on the spiritual realm.

The purpose of personal growth is commonly influenced by external factors like the imposed beliefs, close influences and the environment of a person. The commonly expected advantage of personal growth includes greater prosperity, more knowledge, improved physical health, greater skills, higher status and so on.  Enriched experiences and more happiness may also motivate people to progress towards personal growth. However, when it comes to spiritual growth, this purpose is usually less concise, but still quite real and powerful. Spiritual purpose commonly involved the expansion of the consciousness of a person, while facilitating the growth of their vibration and enrichment of their awareness. Spiritual growth is not about gathering a lot of knowledge, no matter what most people believe. It actually focuses more on being wise enough to filter the knowledge and act upon it.

Personal growth, to a great extent, involves improving the life of a person on earth, by trying to hone skills and knowledge. It also involves making the effort to overcome varying problems, setbacks and issues, while being significantly focused on how to manage one’s own self and their emotions.  The domain of personal development is quite expansive, especially as everything a person does in life might be done better. The nature of spiritual growth is of a deeper essence, and tends to be quite abstract as well. The spiritual growth of a person is commonly defined by their connection with their soul or with other beings having diverse vibrations. Spiritual growth is a step towards enlightenment. It involves gaining an understanding of the essence of a person as a human being and the acknowledgement of their role on earth. As a renowned author, speaker and social media star, Teal Swan travels the world teaching self development and spiritual growth. She hosts workshops in various parts of the planet.

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