It is never easy leaving your child alone, even if you are simply putting them to bed. 

This is something many parents and children struggle with, and it can make bedtime a stressful event every day for families across the country. While you know what is best for your child, it can be difficult to get them to see the importance of sleep and rest.

Putting your little one to bed does not have to be a stressful experience, as it is possible to soothe them, calm them and keep a gentle connection with them without being in their bed.

The Importance of Independent Sleep

There will come a time when your baby is ready to go into their own bed, even if this is a cot in the nursery down the hall. 

This is a significant milestone for new parents, and it should be a time when you can get back to some of your routines and allow for independence to develop. However, many parents continue to struggle with bedtime routines and even putting their little ones down for a nap because the separation causes stress.

If you find that your little ones scream and cry when you put them to sleep in their own bed, you are not alone. Parents continue to deal with this, and it often results in bringing the baby back to the main bedroom for some peace.

However, this is a good time to establish the importance of independence, and it is good for your child’s healthy development to have a bed to themselves. This does not mean you have to abandon your child completely, as you can remain connected to them and soothe them when they cry from a different room.

A Baby Monitor With A Difference

One of the most important nursery accessories for all parenting styles is a baby monitor. 

This is a device that allows you to see how your child is doing when they sleep on their own and alerts you when they cry or stir. Baby monitors are usually one-sided, however, which means you have to go to the nursery to soothe your little one and check they are okay.

If you are trying to establish independence and get your little one used to being in their own room, you could greatly benefit from a smart baby soother. This device is similar to a baby monitor in the sense that it allows you to have ears on your baby as they sleep in their own room, but unlike baby monitors, you can talk through it.

Smart baby soothers are a great tool for bedtime and can make this time even easier to deal with, as you can soothe your little one whenever they stir without you having to go into their room. 

Music can be played remotely through the device to aid with sleeping, as well as gentle night light settings to ensure a comfortable sleeping environment that your child can enjoy independently. 


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