The rent check method in Dubai necessitates you paying a significant percentage of your rent in advance. Losing your employment is possible if you aren’t at the correct location. There are a number of considerations to keep in mind while renting an apartment for sale in Abu Dhabi. We’ve gathered a list of the greatest ones for your convenience.

  • What is your average monthly rent payment?

 Landlords that follow RERA criteria may be permitted to boost their rents even though rents are falling across the emirates. Even if you are eligible for a housing allowance, you should set aside 5 to 10 percent of your monthly salary to cover potential rent hikes.

  • Maintenance falls under what category?

There’s a huge variety of people and cultures in Dubai. Tenant rights and property upkeep are likely to be contentious issues in Dubai. If you buy an apartment in Abu dhabi and the landlord includes a condition in the lease agreement indicating that the tenant is responsible for any maintenance work under AED 500, many tenants feel that landlords are accountable for even the most basic services.

You should be prepared to take on maintenance tasks and know when to call your landlord or property management firm before looking at Abu Dhabi real estate for sale. The common spaces of your building should be examined for signs of decay and ugly. It is possible that the property is in a state of disrepair because of poor management. Find out who is in charge of maintenance before you move in. When renting a property, a new coat of paint is almost always necessary.


There is no way around the fact that the most crucial factor to consider when looking to buy an apartment in Abu Dhabi is where you are going to be living. Find a location close to your children’s schools and businesses if you or your partner have youngsters.

Your life will be better if you don’t have to sit in traffic for hours on end every day. In the absence of a car, avoid renting an apartment that is distant from public transit or a taxi service.


Before renting an apartment for sale in Abu Dhabi, be sure there is ample parking. If you have more than one car, you may want to hunt for an alternative parking spot if your apartment complex only allows one parking space per unit.

  • You have a lot of free time.

Think about your personality to ensure that you’ll get along with the residents of your pied-a-terre. Your neighbours may not like it if you have small children and are a party animal who keeps them up all night. Avoid homes near an airport or a strip of restaurants and nightclubs while looking for a place to reside. See our blog for family-friendly destinations.


If you plan on bringing your dog or cat to Dubai, you will need to make sure that your landlord is ready to accommodate your pet and that the neighbourhood or building where the property is located does not prohibit dogs.

  • Conclusion

If you are looking for a luxurious apartment you have to check before buy an apartment in Abu Dhabi like, what is the area’s practicality? Is there a supermarket close by? Is it close to the places you like to go to play sports? For movie buffs, going to the movies is a great option for a fun night out. Mini-marts may be a godsend for people who don’t own cars, especially in the summer.

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