In this article, I can explain the practical life how can do our aim; The essence of life has some aim or ambition in life. Without it, life is meaningless, eat, drink and be marry not a life. We are not independent but dependent upon one another. Therefore, Everyone should have a beautiful aim in life. A person must be careful while choosing his career. A person becomes a doctor, Engineer, officer, teacher reformer, etc. They have to serve their nation and country in their field.

Here are 4 Types of aims in your practical life 

  1. Aim as teacher 

But I would like to as a teacher. because I like this profession very much for certain reasons.

It is not paying profession, Despite this, I like it for any reason. This is my greatest desire to work as a teacher of English. They are many reasons for my choice. First, teaching is a noble profession, and As a teacher can serve his nation.

A teacher is a ladder, it becomes a doctor maker, an engineer maker, or an officer maker instead of a doctor, a lawyer, or an engineer. The teacher produces a great man. 

From an Islamic point of view:

Today, Islam is under the operation of the west. The anti-Islamic force is trying to spoil the image of Islam. A Teacher can clarify these doubts. I would like to write a book to convince them that Islam is the only religion that promotes equality and brotherhood. 

The famous Coll of Hazrat Ali: 

  “The one who taught you one word is your teacher.”

  1. Aim as Doctor:
Medicine in Turkey .. Doctors' salaries and how to work as a Doctor in  Turkey

This professional will enable me to serve the suffering humanity. I know that a large number of people are suffering from various diseases such as typhoid, cholera, T.B, cancer, and numerous others they live a very Miserable life. I strongly believe that service to humanity is a great virtue. Therefore, I shall be able to serve human beings properly. Therefore, I have decided to co tome a doctor 

  1. Aim as an Engineer:

My aim is life as an engineer. When we set our aim to become certain of what we want in our practical life. Engineers‘ goals and objectives revolve around process and design as well as maintenance and operation duties in various fields.

  1.  Aim as a Student;

As a student, you can achieve all the roles of country and you believe in your success also you got profit and your country got more than profit. There are many purposes for students’ academic study which are distributed to incorporate their desire or to improve skills for a future job and perhaps to gain more knowledge. Education is a key factor in developing yourself, achieving success, and building more knowledge in your life.

Last Word 

In this article, I promote a man how to achieve this aim in our practical life. If you want to get something done solidly and strongly. Whether you like as a Teacher, as an Engineer, as a student, and as a Doctor.

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