Halloween star Jamie Lee isn’t exactly sitting on stone when it comes to defending her transsexual girlfriend, Ruby.

Jamie has revealed that she is learning new phrases and words to hug her little girl.

Ruby Guest and her mother’s Jamie Lee Curtis

Ruby Guest and her mom Jamie Lee Curtis Photo Credit: Getty

Who is Jamie Lee Curtis’ girlfriend, Ruby Guest?

In a PEOPLE interview with her mother, the 25-year-old computer game manager said it was scary to enlighten her people about her familiarity with the character.

Even so, Ruby realized, “You’ve defined me my whole life.”

With her family’s endorsement, Ruby expressed that she is happy to tell the general public about her journey in an interesting way.

“People will remember me anyway for what my identity was, yet I haven’t changed that. They can finally see who I’ve always been, you know, inside. from, but for now I can show it outwardly,” he told PowerSource.

Check out photos from Jamie Lee’s girl Ruby’s cosplay wedding

Everything You Wanted to Know About Jamie Lee Curtis

What is Jamie Lee Research?

Jamie Lee, 63, told AARP that she “watched with amazement and pride as our baby turned into our little girl, Ruby.”

She similarly told People that she tries to “try not to make too many mistakes”.

In any case, he admitted that he made a few mistakes in a single day.

She confesses to Ruby what she knows.

Is Ruby Guest in a relationship?

Robbie Guest, 26, married his life partner Kinthia on May 29, 2022 in a World of Warcraft themed wedding held in the family’s courtyard.

Jamie Lee Curtis directed The Wedding.

All the guests were welcomed dressed for the occasion and Jamie Lee appeared in the game as naval commander Jenna Proudmore.

“It’s truly uplifting,” Curtis told Jimmy Kimmel on his Late Show.

Ruby’s wedding photo

A photo from Ruby’s wedding Credit: Instagram/curtisleejamie

“We will cook a pleasant meal in the nursery.

“I’m truly invigorated that both of my children stalled out on my grass, which carried tears to my eyes.”

Ruby’s more experienced sister, Annie, similarly married on the family’s lawn in July 2019.

The happy mum posted some snaps from the day on Instagram, including one of the birds with the caption: “Yes they do and are! Caught! Ruby and Kenthia 5/29/2022.”

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