I prefer to wait until my battery is Composed of lithium cells. The battery supplies energy to the motors to move the electric skateboard forward. She is therefore responsible for her autonomy. I discharge completely before reloading my board.

– “Me, I prefer never to go below the 20% mark before recharging it. »…

If you’re here, it’s because you, too, have heard everything, and it’s the opposite concerning the longevity of the electric skateboard battery. But then, how to optimize the longevity of the battery?  

Zoom on the battery of an electric skateboard

Before talking about longevity, let’s talk (just a little) about technique!

Power side

If an electric skateboard’s performance (speed + power) depends above all on its motor and controller, ESC stands for “Electronic Speed ​​Controller.” Translated into French as “Electronic Speed ​​Controller,” its role is to receive the signal (usually Bluetooth) provided by the remote control of the electric skateboard and thus control the speed of rotation of the motors to accelerate and brake. We must not forget that the quality of a battery also has its say.

On the motor side, the power in Watts (W) and the voltage in Volts (V) determine its potential. And to work, the motor will draw this energy. The battery!

If a battery is of poor quality, it may have difficulty returning DC voltage when demand from the motors is high. This, therefore, creates voltage drops that affect the power of the electric skateboard.

Autonomy side

The capacity of a battery is indicated in Ampere / Hour (Ah). The higher this value, the better the autonomy of your electric skateboard.

But battery cells also age and the range of an electric skateboard will naturally decrease over time. While this loss is, of course, measured, it should not be overlooked.

Lithium batteries

Today, just like phones, almost all batteries on the electric skateboard market are Lithium batteries.

Why that? The domination of this technology can be summed up in 3 key points :

  • It can store more energy (3 to 4 times more) per unit mass than other battery technologies.
  • It recharges very quickly.
  • It withstands many cycles (> 500 charges-discharges at 100%).

Now is the time to give you some tips for pampering and optimizing the battery life of your electric skateboard.

FAQ: optimizing the battery life of an electric skateboard

Do I need to charge before first use fully?

Yes. It is recommended to perform a complete charge cycle on first use because even if it has a sufficient charge (> 20%), the skateboard has probably been stored for several weeks/months before arriving home.

Should you continuously charge your electric skateboard to 100%?

Yes. To ensure the longevity of your battery, never unplug your charger until the battery is full.

Should I ride until my electric skateboard stops moving?

No. _ Using your electric skateboard until it stops moving is called a deep discharge. Deep discharge damages the battery through repetition.

Lithium batteries do not have a “memory effect” it is now preferable to recharge your electric skateboard when its battery is around 20%. For models with a “memory effect,” users are forced to completely discharge the battery before recharging it to prevent its loss of capacity.

Is it wrong to “force” over a long period (inclined climb, heavy load transport, constant maximum acceleration, etc.)?

Yes. This draws a high current from the battery, reducing its lifespan if repeated regularly.

In particular, it is not recommended to use sports mode constantly, especially if the engine is cold.

At what temperature should I store my battery?

The chemical components present in a Li-Ion battery are susceptible to temperature variations.

The ideal temperature for storing a Lithium battery is between 10 and 20°C. It is imperative not to fall below 5°C or exceed 25°C at the risk of affecting performance. The storage location should be excellent but also dry.

Is it recommended to charge your electric skateboard right after use?

No.  For the simple and good reason that the battery will still be hot, the charge would therefore not be secure. It is recommended to wait 15/20 minutes for the temperature to stabilize.

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