CouchTuner is a site where you can watch series on the web. It has been offering content gushing beginning around 2010. All through its time span of usability online it has gone through numerous subdomains like .com, .ag, and .fr. These locales essential center is the spilling of basically every TV show under the sun. Since the substance is free, numerous watchers use Couch Tuner as their chief method for sitting in front of the TV.

Has CouchTuner Been Shut Down?

On the off chance that you can’t get to CouchTuner any longer, you’re following some great people’s example.

Most importantly, the progress of this stage promptly sounded a reminder in media outlets. Since the site utilized pilfered material, it experienced a few lawful issues that prompted its closed down and made it against the law to watch the substance presented by CouchTuner.

As a trade for the first site, numerous elective locales with very much like things have arisen, for example,, and numerous others.

This has made a considerable amount of disarray among clients incapable to comprehend which of these were protected or not. Thus, numerous clients are searching for elective answers for observe free streaming substance. (We have ordered a rundown of the best options in contrast to CouchTuner toward the finish of this article.)

Additionally, because of the spread of protected material, numerous internet services block your association on the off chance that you attempt to interface with the webpage.

Therefore, utilizing a solid VPN is fundamental to utilize CouchTuner. VPNs permit you to change your IP address in the event that the site is hindered in your country. Most importantly, a VPN safeguards you from lawful issues when you access these stages that discharge a great deal of pilfered material.


CouchTuner divulgates pilfered material and it is against the law to watch it. Accordingly, Anonymster doesn’t empower the utilization of this site. Getting to its substance without a strong antivirus/antimalware can harm your gadget.

Getting to the substance without enacting a no-logs VPN to safeguard your association can bring about legitimate activities against you.

What is CouchTuner?

CouchTuner Free Streaming Platform

Lounge chair Tuner is a pilfered TV streaming site.

Thusly, we don’t suggest this site. Nonetheless, we will give you current realities about this streaming site.

Accessible substance on Couch Tuner starts and finishes with network shows. Since their watcher base is generally from the United States, their determination of TV shows, appear to be coordinated to that crowd.

There is no requirement for a record to get to their substance. There have been different reports from CouchTuner’s clients that the substance is inadequately coordinated and there is no autoplay capability, which makes marathon watching from this site less engaging assuming you want to track down your next episode.

Is Couch Tuner Legal?

Since CouchTunner is a pilfered site, you might have proactively speculated that it isn’t legitimate. In this, you are right.

CouchTuner violates intellectual property regulation by pilfering content from different media sites. Because of this, was closed down and they ventured into different subdomains to continue to run.

The absolute most well known CouchTuner mirrors are:


Know that in any event, seeing pilfered content is unlawful and could land you in a difficult situation with your Internet Service Provider and lawful substances.

In this manner, we don’t suggest utilizing CouchTuner. Be that as it may, in the event that you truly need to, safeguard yourself as made sense of in this article.

Is Couch Tuner Safe?

One more issue to remember is your computerized security. Since CouchTuner has unrestrained pilfered media and an untold measure of connections to ads and outsider sites, it’s not at all impossible that the following snap you make could convey some malware to your gadget or make the way for a computerized burglary.

One illustration of this is the point at which you access CouchTuner you might be approached to sign in or update your media player; these solicitations don’t have anything to do with the site. There is no sign-up prerequisite and recordings aren’t spilled through your media player; those solicitation windows will lead you to out of the blue downloading malware.

The stage has its mishaps on its legitimacy and wellbeing for you as a substance customer. Nonetheless, don’t be terrified. There are a lot of suitable options CouchTuner. How about we examine your most ideal choices.

  • Protected and Super-Fast Streaming with NordVPN
  • Options in contrast to CouchTuner
  • The following are a few choices to Couch Tuner that offer a month to month charge and others free choices that leave your wallet a similar size.

Later we’ll examine how utilizing a Virtual Private Network (VPN) for streaming like, for example, NordVPN, can help you unblock and grow the review happy with the membership administrations and securely view satisfied with the free administrations. How about we begin.


Netflix, option in contrast to CouchTuner


Netflix is the most well known video web based website around. With a membership, you can watch the most recent motion pictures and TV shows, kid’s shows, narratives and the unsurpassed well known Netflix firsts.

In spite of the fact that Netflix is certainly not a free help, they offer various designs for your spending plan. The three plans are essential, standard, and top notch, anything that decision you create you can in any case approach limitless substance.

The main distinctions between each plan are the streaming quality, extraordinary UI, and number of gadgets you can at the same time use with Netflix. We prescribe you to begin with the month free-preliminary.

When you have a membership, you can get to the US Netflix library from wherever utilizing a VPN.

Track down the best VPN for Netflix here.


Options in contrast to CouchTuner, Hulu


Hulu is one more streaming site and an amazing option in contrast to CouchTuner. With a wide determination of content in their subcategories, they will most likely have that TV show or film you’re hoping to find. Simply type the name into the pursuit bar and find it. One more extraordinary component of Hulu is Live TV membership gives you admittance to live projects like news, sports, and obviously, sit in front of the TV shows online on various organizations.

Plans for Hulu start at $7.99 each month with a 30-day free preliminary. Hulu Live TV is $39.99 each month and offers a 7-day free preliminary.

In the event that you don’t live in the US, you can in any case unblock Hulu from outside the US.


Alluc versus CouchTuner

Alluc is one of the most incredible free choices to Couch Tuner. Like different locales, Alluc offers you to watch films and TV shows, for your survey delight. Alluc has no streaming substance; they give connects to outsider sites. This free help will make certain to keep you drew in with its amazing choice of review material.

You can explore more about this free streaming site perusing our Alluc audit.


Options in contrast to CouchTuner, FMoviesfree


Fmovies is one more free option in contrast to CouchTuner. Like Alluc, Fmovies don’t have content on their site. They furnish you with an entrance to see content.

Their substance incorporates an unbelievable inventory of TV series web based, making it an extraordinary other option. Fmovies includes a supportive pursuit bar on the landing page which makes finding unequivocally what you need to see that a lot more straightforward.

Sun based Movie

SolarMovie versus CouchTuner


SolarMovie like Alluc and Fmovies is an extraordinary free trade for CouchTuner. SolarMovie is expected to facilitate the looking through experience with its not difficult to-utilize UI and site. In spite of the fact that by the name they suggest to have a broad library of most recent motion pictures, you can generally watch series on SolarMovie making it a sound option in contrast to CouchTuner. Notwithstanding, ready to click away from the spring up commercials with this help.

Utilizing a VPN to Unblock Movies and Stream Content

Favorited streaming locales like Netflix and Hulu offers a huge measure of content. Notwithstanding, these administrations additionally limit what you can see in view of your area.

For instance, assuming that you choose to go to one more nation and want to watch your #1 show while abroad you’ll be in for a disagreeable amazement. Your #1 substance may not accessible in the Country you are associating from.

One of the most incredible VPN for streaming will assist you with unblocking and sidestep the geo-limitations that administrations like Netflix and Hulu apply.

See The Best VPN for Streaming for more data.

Then again, Hulu offers Live TV access just for those inside the United States in any case, in the event that you don’t live in the US that doesn’t need to restrict you. Since a VPN burrows you to different nations where numerous servers are, it can likewise cause you to have all the earmarks of being interfacing from the United States giving you an entryway to Hulu Live TV.

A similar standard applies to Netflix and other geo-limited contents. With a VPN you can get to other Netflix libraries that are not accessible in your nation hence extending your survey content.

Utilizing a VPN to View Content securely

Computerized security is nothing to joke about, and individuals with awful expectations make it progressively challenging to keep up with that security.

At the point when you access free film locales like the ones referenced above, you put yourself more in danger.

With the critical measure of URLs shared on these sites, it’s inexorably hard to be aware on the off chance that you’re getting to your #1 TV show or clicking more like a computerized hack on our character. With such a huge amount in question, taking risks with your web-based security is better not.

All in all, what else is there to do?

While getting to the sites we’ve been examining, we emphatically prescribe utilizing a VPN to remain secured. VPNs scramble your traffic and conceal your IP address to safeguard you. This makes it almost inconceivable for somebody with sick aim to find you and take your valuable data.

CouchTuner Alternatives – Conclusion

Sofa Tuner has been a competitor in the streaming business for almost 10 years. In any case, there are different choices accessible that will keep you exempt from the rules that everyone else follows. These choices are lawful as well as are more easy to understand with a wide assortment of content.

Regardless of what elective you choose, utilize a VPN for gushing to unblock and extend your substance library, in this way you’ll make certain to constantly have a new episode to watch.

At long last, remain protected out there, your advanced security is a serious issue. In the event that you’re getting to free streaming sites make certain to utilize a VPN to safeguard your family and your information.

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