Traveling during a pandemic is safe if you keep certain tips in mind and follow them correctly. The aviation, hospitality, and tourism industries suffered a setback due to the coronavirus pandemic. Governments had to issue orders to stay at home because of an increase in cases.

Gene Bernshtam is an experienced professional in commercial real estate. He is a successful property developer and an avid collector of cars. He loves to travel regularly and is fond of scuba diving and weight lifting. He recently launched a blog where he posts valuable insights on business, traveling, weight lifting, and scuba diving.

Take the right precautions when you travel

Travelling is possible and safe during a pandemic if you take the right steps for personal protection. According to him, the following factors should be taken into consideration for traveling during a pandemic-

  1.  Check-in with no contact– Several airlines have been implementing the above practice even before the coronavirus pandemic. Travel experts view the process to be an effective one to prevent crowds at the counter. It also frees the ground staff from the interaction. Long lines at the counter are stopped especially when issues surface. Airlines will promote their mobile apps to make check-in and other steps before the flight convenient. The traveler does not have to interact with the staff, crew, or fellow passengers. Safety is enhanced in this manner.
  • Protocols pertaining to safety and health– Some airports have thermal scanners and other salient protocols for health in place. Experts believe several places will enforce stringent health checks to stop transmission of the coronavirus. Passengers need to produce immunity certificates, health checks, and vaccination proof when they cross borders. In his opinion, besides these documents, it is important for the traveler to stay healthy before the journey. He/she should adhere to the social distancing and quarantine rules for ensuring safety.
  • Personal safety at all times– You must consider personal safety parameters before you travel. Wear masks for protection from the coronavirus and its new variants like Omicron that have recently surfaced across the globe. Masks are like outfits today and no one leaves the home without one. They are mandatory in all airports and other places of public transportation. Airline companies have beefed up their efforts to implement technology for filtering the air to make the aircraft free from viruses and germs. Travelers are advised to carry their hand sanitizers and masks for their own protection.
  • Choose domestic destinations– If you cannot stay without traveling, stick to domestic places. Industry leaders in tourism recommend selecting destinations in the country or nearby for the time being. Many travelers are not comfortable flying again, so the best option is to travel via land. It is more convenient for you to explore new places with physical distancing.

According to Gene Bernshtam, if a traveler supports a local destination, it is a great way to assist the travel and tourism industry to recover soon from the losses incurred due to the Pandemic.

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