Winter is coming!! And you need to know how to disinfect your home during the winter. You can get multiple pieces of advice from cleanliness freaks, but today’s post will give you the best and practical deep-cleaning tips to disinfect your home. These tips of deep-cleaning and disinfecting will help you keep your home organized and save you a lot of energy for the rest of the year.

So here are the 10 pro-deep-cleaning tips that you can use this winter:

Clean your Refrigerator inside-out

Did you know that unwashed refrigerator coils can cost you up to $10 a month? Not only this, but it can also damage and decrease your refrigerator’s lifespan.

We know this is the most basic thing that everybody knows about. But there are only a few people who genuinely implement this tip. And here, we are talking about cleaning the inside and well as the back of your refrigerator.

You must clean the refrigerator coils at least once a year. Clean the coils, front and insides of the fridge. Right before fridge cleaning, unplug the fridge and clean the coils with a dry cloth. If you’re still unsure about it then do reach out for the appliance manual.

2.Deep-clean the windows

During winters the dirty and unclean windows can block the sunlight and hence block the warmth for you. This also makes the home gloomy and dull. To brighten up your place, it’s essential to clean the windows properly.

It’s recommended to use natural cleaning wash liquid instead of cleaners that are packed with chemicals. Also, don’t forget the curtains. They accumulate the highest amount of allergens and dust particles.

You can also consider getting the curtains cleaned with professional help as they are usually fragile and of expensive fabrics.

3.Clean your Kitchen

Now that you’re cleaning your house, this is when you should also deep clean the cabinets as well as your entire kitchen area. Start kitchen cleaning by organizing the utensils, crockery, and other kitchen items. Throw away the expired food and edibles, if any.

These are a few professional clean-up sessions that you can focus on getting done once a year.

Make use of dishwashers and detergents to clean the area. If your kitchen is already in a better state, then just wipe the cabinet and organizers with a wet/dry cloth. 

4.Declutter your home

There are influencers, bloggers, and business owners who are preaching about the advantages of minimalism and decluttering your space. And that surely helps in keeping the home clean and organized at the same time.

If you’re someone who deep cleans often, but still finds your home to be dirty the whole year, then decluttering is something that you might want to consider giving a try.

De-cluttering means throwing away or discarding items that are of no use to you and are just lying around. The process of decluttering can make your home look neat and calm down your mind in anxious situations too.

5.Clean your carpets and couches

Carpets accumulate a lot of shoe dirt and dust throughout the year. Vacuuming the carpets every day can help keep the dirt and dust buildup at bay, but often this isn’t considered as deep-cleaning. You can use steam cleaners to deep clean the carpets and couches.

Getting a professional shampooing service is another brilliant option if your carpets have some filthy stains or odors. We would recommend you to deep-clean them, especially in winter.

6.Deep-clean the Chimney

Chimneys collect a lot of smoke throughout the year. Cleaning them prevents fire and keeps the air of the place healthy and smoke-free. You can always do it yourself with the use of the right tools.

Pro-tip: Remember to cover the furniture and other surfaces in the kitchen with a cloth. This will ensure that there is no dust accumulating on other surfaces. As the dust from the chimney can leave an unwanted residue on your furniture.

7.Steam clean the furniture

Again, we would recommend you to reach out to your steam cleaners and clean the furniture. Do not let any dirt or stain sit on the furniture for a long time as that would make it much difficult to clean.

8.Clean the oven

With winter comes the holiday season too. You probably use the oven the most in winter and hence deep-cleaning and degreasing your oven is non-negotiable. With Halloween, Black Friday, Christmas, and New Year, baking comfort food becomes a ritual and this can create quite a mess.

In such times, deep-cleaning your oven can help get rid of the entire strong odor and prevent the risk of fires and excessive smoke.

9.Clean and take care of the Air ducts and filters

Replace the air filters and air ducts every winter, with some professional help. According to studies, it is best to change the filters every 3 months. It is recommended to clean even more frequently in seasons when you use them heavily- in winter & summer. Furthermore, cleaning up helps with better airflow and clears any excessive dirt build-up.

10.How to disinfect home with the help of professionals

While you can follow these tips and surely deep-clean your home like a pro, it is also a truth that many of us don’t have the time to do it all by ourselves. That’s when professional help comes into the picture. You can call for a professional who can take care of the cleaning, while you take care of your work and family.

Professionals will not only make it easy for you, but they will also use their best techniques and tools to clean your home seamlessly.

And, your house is all clean and shiny for the upcoming year. We hope that you found this piece super valuable. These tips will help you deep clean a major part of your home. If you have any more queries, suggestions, or tips on how to disinfect the home then feel free to drop them down and share them with us. You can also visit our page for more such life-saver tips and hacks.


How do I start the entire deep-cleaning process?

Ans. Start by cleaning the cabinets, windows, and organizers in your home. Then move on to cleaning furniture, cupboards, and other items that need extra effort. Take it one item at a time. You can also call for a professional if you are running short of time.

What all is included in a deep clean?

Ans. Cleaning your furniture, ceiling fans, blinds, decorative items, lampshades, door frames, and anything that you clean only once in 6 to 12 months.

How much time will it take to deep clean a two-storey building?

Ans. It will take you 3 to 6 hours.

How often should I deep clean my house?

Ans.  We would recommend you to do it every 45 to 60 days. And do some light cleaning every week so that you can deep clean once a year only. 

Why must I clean in winter?

Ans:  Even if you clean your home regularly, there can be some areas that you might have neglected. And winter is the best time to clean these areas. Hence, we especially recommend winters for all the deep-cleaning work.

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