The focus of any business would be to get as many customers and clients in through their doors as possible. Marketing is known to hold the key in terms of magnetizing new customers and generating leads.  While traditional means of marketing like advertisements on billboards or television are still widely prevalent today, most savvy businesses are increasing their dependence on digital marketing. Ali Ata mentions that the domain of digital marketing involves an innovative mix of techniques and solutions, all of which are cost-effective and productive.  These marketing methods resonate with the young generation, which essentially forms the bulk of the customer base for numerous brands.

The way business approach their customers has shifted considerably over the decades.  Traditional marketing methods are gradually taking a step back, which digital marketing tools and methods are gaining more prominence.  Even though traditional marketing strategies have certainly not become obsolete, the new ones do provide improved results at a budget friendly pricing. Digital marketing has become necessary for businesses of all types and sizes.  It can bring a host of opportunities to a brand and enhance its growth, by providing businesses with greater exposure that ultimately leads to more sales.

Top advantageous features of digital marketing include:

  • Measurability: Today, websites have become the single most important marketing tool for any business. Hence, one must note how well their website fares in the eyes of the target audience. It is vital to have insights into how many people have visited a site and where they are coming from. One may visit a website through natural search, through pay-per-click (PPC), social media, email campaigns and so on.  Digital marketing allows companies to measure these elements and monitor any changes made to them over time, so as to acquire real time information about whether a marketing message is getting through to the right people.
  • Affordability:  Digital marketing allows small and medium-sized firms to be onto a level playing field with bigger corporate organizations owing to its affordability.  For example, ad campaign tools such as ‘boost posts’ present in distinctive social media platforms costs a fraction of the expenses involved in printing leaflets. These digital marketing campaigns can also be directed at a specific group of people. At the same time, businesses can also enjoy a much greater reach with a wider audience that can potentially span the entire world, so that less paper goes to landfill to boot.  Moreover, with the data generated by these online advertising techniques companies also get feedback on how efficient the investment was.

Ali Ata mentions that companies can get their message out there quicker in the virtual world pretty fast, just with a click of the mouse. This messaging system is far more agile than going through the process of getting printed materials like leaflets produced and distributed or creating a video advertisement for the television. Digital marketing provides a host of conveniences to modern businesses.

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