The fireplace is not dead and gone. It has returned with a vengeance and is considered to be a classy addition to your home despite modern appliances. Indeed, the sight and sound of a crackling fire will you with comfort, keeping you warm and happy during those unbearable winter months. Recent statistics reveal that fireplaces are hugely popular across the USA today, particularly in single-family homes. Do enjoy basking in the warmth but do not fail to manage the flames effectively either. It is important to invest in a superior fireplace toolset that enables you to tend to the fire successfully. The tools will prove to be handy in controlling the fire and keeping the surroundings neat at the same time.

Spending money just because the tools had been used for centuries is not the right way to make a buy, however. Instead, be sure to check the fireplace and try using it without any kind of assistance for the first few days. You will soon come to know what you need. You will often find multiple tools clubbed together in a set that you need to buy without being able to pick and choose. Sure, you may source each tool singly too but you would not be aware of what you need when you happen to be a novice.

It is, therefore, best to remain informed about the tools that you would need to control the fire and remain safe and warm inside your home as the chilly wind blows outside.

Tongs– Finding the fire going down too early makes you panic as you do not want to go through the process of lighting the hearth once again. You would be well advised to pick up a sturdy pair of tongs with long handles and arrange the logs perfectly to have the fire roaring merrily once again. The beautiful tongs will save you from burning your hands as you pick up the hot logs or rearrange the kindling.

Poker– You need to prod and poke at the fire occasionally to have it burning properly. Pushing the debris and ashes to one side is also done easily with the aid of a poker. Also known as a stoker, you get to tend the fire easily and effortlessly. Make sure to ask for one with a long handle so that you have no trouble poking the fire from a safe distance.

Broom– Well, you do not have to ask for a broom when you are keen to buy a toolset for your fireplace. Inquire about a brush instead and obtain the same tool that will help you to clean up after the fire has been put out. Sweep the ashes and accumulated burnt debris by depositing them neatly to one side. You can clean it up easily thereafter keeping the area neat and tidy.

There is no dearth of equipment included within the fireplace toolset though. Most of the sets contain 4-5 of the most important tools but you are welcome to invest in a fireplace screen, hearth center, and ash bucket in addition.

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