Close up medical doctor holding elderly female's trembling hands

Many people in the world face mild to severe hand tremors due to Parkinson’s Disease and other neurological disorders. There are no permanent treatments for this mild to severe handshaking. Medicines might work for some time; however, they too fail in the long run.

People with essential hand tremors need to depend upon others for life, and this often affects their dignity and self-independence.

Dr. Joon Faii Ong graduated from Imperial College London with the MBBS BSc (Medicine) Programme. He is working with a skilled healthcare team to deliver millions of people in the world a solution for hand tremors. He identifies the serious debilitation and the lack of therapies available for people with these tremors. It has inspired him to create the GyroGlove, an assistive glove designed to reduce hand tremors. Currently, he is the Founder and the CEO of the company GyroGear Ltd.

He is a scientist, physician, and bio-engineer with a mission. Along with his company and team, he has created GyroGlove for these patients. When this glove is produced and distributed across the globe, it will help many people with hand tremors get the relief they want.

The glove works in a unique way

His team had to undergo extensive planning, design, and testing phases that work closely with patients suffering from diseases that result in hand tremors like Parkinson’s disease and Essential Hand Tremors. The GyroGlove uses the stabilizing properties of gyroscopes. They immediately and proportionally combat these hand tremor forces to stabilize their movement. The glove has a unique and compact design. It is worn like a regular glove and helps people carry on with their daily tasks without the fear of losing grip or dropping things.

A winning invention with the promise to change lives across the world

In 2015, GyroGlove’s invention was a winner at the MedTechSouth East. According to him, this recognition helped the invention of GyroGear in its design process. He notes how lucky the team is to have such an invention with potential impact. However, he explains that it takes multi-industry and critical expertise to make GyroGlove and take it from its prototype to the commercialization stage. This is the most massive part of his mission.

Reduction in hand tremors

He is optimistic about the early testing stage of his invention that has demonstrated a reduction of almost 85% in hand tremors. The follow-up tests on patients are now being organized.

In the past, he has worked on research in regenerative medicine, medical devices, and stem cell therapies. He is a practicing Buddhist and recognizes the support and contribution received for the development of his invention. He is doing his best to place it in the market as soon as possible so that people with hand tremors can enjoy a better-quality life with dignity.

Dr. Joon Faii Ong, in his spare time, creates audiophile-grade speakers and fences amplifiers, works out, and sings opera.

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