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Ronald Phillips was born and raised in New York City, and he has always been loyal to the sports teams in the region. His dream is to witness the next considerable talents that would play for his favorite city teams and win championships in their respective leagues. This is why he continues to collect fans from cheering for these New York teams. As a testament to his intense love and devotion to these sports in New York, he has started to write a collection of blogs on his beloved teams like the Knicks, Jets, Giants, Rangers, Mets, Yankees, and Nets. He shares informative and entertaining articles on his favorite teams and their past and present roster that both old and new fans will enjoy reading about. 

Ronald Phillips New Yorkan insight into one of the most beloved teams of the city 

Ronald Phillips, New York loves all sports teams in New York. According to him, The American Football Conference East Division has one of the most intense divisions of the NFL and, even in the thick of things, is one of the city’s own New York Jets. 

The Jets and the Giants have proved their worth in the league as authoritarian forces to reckon with in the AFC East Division. They are adored by fans intensely, and they share the MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford in New Jersey. The headquarters of The Jets is in Florham Park. 

When they entered the AFL in 1968, the Jets were popularly known as the Titans. The home stadium of the team was The Polo Grounds. After three years, they moved to the Shea Stadium, and their name was changed to The Jets. 

1968 was the year of The Jets 

The Jets has earned the distinction of being the first team in the AFL to defeat a team in the NFL in a World Championship game. After the merger of the NFL and AFL, the Jets went to battle more teams. The year 1968 was the year of The Jets, and they reached the playoffs and made it to the Super Bowl for the third time in American Football’s history. 

In 1970, when the NFL and the FL merged, the Jets joined with other teams. They reached the playoffs thirteen times and four times to the AFC Championship. Since then, they have made it to the playoffs over a dozen times and won the AFC Championship four times.

Ronald Phillips, New York City resident, loves to share interesting facts about his favorite teams in the region. He has always been a fan of sports and believes his city has a long love affair with baseball. What started as a simple game is now one of the most beloved sports in the nation. This game is being played in the country for more than 200 years now in the region, and it is loved with deep devotion by both old and young fans even to this date. 

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