Bling Cartel

The Marvelous Universe of Bling is another TV series circulated on Lifetime. It follows the existence of six ladies who work at a perfect quality gems store called Bling. The show depends on actual occasions, yet a few things are fictionalized. One thing you probably won’t be familiar with about Bling Cartel (the organization where these characters’ work) is that it was established by two sisters, Jamie and Madison Hayes, both from Australia. Jamie had worked in the style business for a long time before going into business with her sister Madison; together, they made one of Australia’s most famous gems lines, Bling Cartel!

What is Bling Cartel?

The term bling has been utilized in hip-bounce music since the 1990s and can use to portray anything conspicuous or garish. The word comes from a jewel ring hitting another precious stone ring, which makes you can’t help thinking about what sort of individual would need to wear such an item.

The term has been utilized expressly concerning adornments and different embellishments worn as a component of an outfit (or without anyone else). For instance: “I just got myself some new bling!” Or: “I finished my hair today; I’m going out on Saturday night with my companions wearing all our best outfits.”

The Expensive World of Bling

Bling is the most expensive world and can be costly to get into. Here is a list of some of the most expensive pieces in existence:

  • The most expensive diamond in the world is the Star of Africa, which weighs 24.23 carats and costs $43 million. This diamond was sold at auction on April 9th, 2000, by Sotheby’s as part of their Fine Jewels auction series in Geneva, Switzerland.

What Jewelry Do the Stars Wear?

The VIPs you see wearing Bling are probably the most well-known names in Hollywood. It’s about what they wear and how they wear it. These stars have loved a few gems and embellishments, such as watches or studs. The importance behind these pieces shifts depending upon who you inquire: some believe they’re essentially trendy; others might say they address something more significant or individual.

Bling and The Men of the Hour

The popularity of Bling and the rise of men’s jewellery has been recent trend. Men have always worn jewellery, but it wasn’t until recently that they could express their personality through what they wear.

Bling culture has become so popular that someone may say, “I want my bling today!” when they want something special for themselves or their loved ones. That is also known as “The Bling Factor” and is usually associated with status symbols such as rims on cars or diamond rings on fingers (a common way people show off their wealth).

The Rise of Men’s Jewelry

Men’s jewellery is becoming more popular, and for a good reason. Men are more likely to wear jewellery than women, and they have been for centuries. Men’s jewellery has evolved from rings and bracelets into a market with many new styles available today.

Men’s necklaces are now stylish enough to be worn by adults, while earrings can be worn by both men and women alike! The variety of styles is nearly endless there are plenty of choices for finding the perfect piece (or two) for yourself or someone else in your life!


If you’re searching for another piece of Bling, look at Bling Cartel. You can find a wide range of extraordinary parts at entirely sensible costs. Furthermore, assuming it fits suddenly? Don’t worry about it! Please bring it back and trade it for something different in our store at no charge. We need to guarantee everybody can manage the cost of our spectacular world!

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