Although the holiday season is a time of peace, joy and family fun, it can also be a source of stress as people can often feel overwhelmed by costs and stress.

 Holiday Stressors and How To Handle Them  

Learning how to recognize the holiday stressors and how to successfully manage them can make a difference between the holiday season being the most wonderful season of the year and a nightmare ending of the year. 

 Family and social pressures 

Not all of us are extroverts and our closest family can often have unreasonable expectations of us. In any case, make sure you plan some time to recover after the gatherings as you are bound to be physical tired, at the least. 

 Financial stress 

The costs of gifts, entertaining, food and PPL electric utilities are bound to increase your expenses dramatically, making it hard to get in the spirit of the holidays.

 2. Tips for a Stress-Free Holiday Season  

There are many ways to take stress out of the holiday season equation.

Stick to your dietary, exercise and sleep routine

Your healthy habits will be put to a test so do your best to maintain your healthy routine. A healthy diet, regular physical activity and regular quality sleep are crucial to your wellbeing so make sure you don’t skip on them as they will be your source of stability as you welcome the chaos that is bound to occur.

 Learn how to say no without guilt 

Don’t eat those cookies you don’t like just because they are there or because you don’t want to insult the host. Make conscious decisions to do only things that bring you joy and say no to those that don’t.


Scheduling too many events into your schedule is the recipe for a burnout you want to avoid so make sure you schedule some down time. Silence can be magical, especially when combined with a walk in the woods and screen-free time.

 3. Have a Fabulous Holiday on a Budget With These Simple Tips      

There are endless ways to enjoy the holidays without using your credit card limit. All you have to do is remember what matters- and when the right people come together, magic happens on its own. 

 Practice energy efficiency 

LED lights are way more efficient than their traditional counterparts and therefore, do a great job in reducing the odds of electric outages. If possible, opt for solar powered lights if you want to decorate the exterior of your home. Also, make sure you turn off the lights when you leave a room or install those with automatic timers- your wallet will benefit from them directly through a reduced energy bill.

 Dress for the occasion 

Living in Pennsylvania has its perks, such as countless holiday attractions, but harsh winter doesn’t fall under that category. Instead of turning up the thermostat, make sure you wear plenty of layers which will also help you feel cozy. 

 Create reasonable expectations 

As cool as pics on Pinterest look, creating that kind of beauty can make the whole event seem more like a chore and a bore than a happy occasion. Remember, nothing is worth sacrificing your sanity and peace for. Moreover, if you are having a good time, hardly anyone will remember what the table decorations looked like.

 Gift experiences 

Things always turn to clutter, which inevitable becomes trash at some point. Forget buying ton of stuff but find innovative ways to gift experiences and share new adventures such as going on a hike, learning to collect healing herbs and make tinctures, etc. You don’t need to buy a book from a top chef- you can make one yourself in a wooden box filled with your family’s favorite recipes. Remember the saying: it’s the thought that counts. 

Remember that the holidays don’t have to be perfect to be fun and memorable. If only we all remembered that the holiday season is more about appreciating the most valuable things in life as opposed to swiping our credit cards. Let’s enjoy each other, the process of cooking for our loved ones, singing, dancing, laughing and just exploring the joys of life together. It’s okay to adjust holiday routines and traditions in a way that prioritizes your health and wellbeing. You can respect your family’s traditions in a healthier way simply because you know better than your ancestors did. Embrace what you love about the holidays and forget the rest so you can enjoy a stress-free holiday season.

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