Whether you’re a brand new entrant into the digital marketing world or a veteran with decades of experience, chances are you’ll be facing the same set of challenging challenges as everyone else. In an ever-changing landscape, your marketing strategy needs to evolve with it. Fortunately, there are some helpful statistics that can help you see the future and not get left behind. We’ve all heard the saying that “a picture is worth a thousand words” but have you ever wondered why that is? Well, scientists now believe this proverb to be 100% accurate! When it comes to images, a picture is worth a thousand words because they have the power to stir feelings in people—and this affects buying behavior. Read on to discover what other top 5 stats that’ll transform your marketing strategy for 2022 have to offer.

Consumers are perceiving brands as trustworthy and reliable.

This is one of the most exciting top 5 stats of all time. While traditional advertising is losing some of its effectiveness, new technologies are making brand trust even more valuable than ever. With more and more people using social media and the internet to discover brands and products, it’s important for marketers to actively engage with these audiences. The only way to do this effectively is by building brand trust. The most effective ways to do this are by posting regular content on social media platforms and by using brand influencers to appear in digital ads.

Video marketing is the future of brand advertising.

The popularity of social media platforms means that video marketing is set to become even more prevalent in the year 2022. By displaying videos in your ads, you’re promising your audience more information than ever before. The average American watches an average of 5 videos per day on social media platforms, with most users watching videos multiple times. As more people are using social media platforms, brands are adapting to engage with this highly social audience. Facebook, for example, has begun to integrate live-video functionality into its platform.

People are consuming more video content than ever before.

Compared to other forms of media, video content is growing at a much faster rate on social platforms. Social video, which is accessible via social media, YouTube, and other online platforms, is expected to account for one-fifth of all media in 2022. By 2022, social video is predicted to reach 1.8 billion users. With such a large audience, it’s only a matter of time before brands discover the power of social media for marketing.

More brands are engaging with their audiences via digital media than ever before.

As more brands switch to digital media in an attempt to reach consumers more effectively, one of the most important things they can do is engage their audiences through digital media. By creating engaging digital campaigns, brands can not only retain their audience but also grow their customer base. Businesses are now finding new ways to engage their audiences through digital media. For example, consumer insight and research is becoming more important than ever in marketing. New technologies and consumer insight apps are making it easier than ever before to understand what drives consumer behavior.

Millennials and Generation Z are far more social and virtual than previous generations.

Millennials and Generation Zers are much more likely than previous generations to interact with brands online. This means that brands are having to adjust their online strategies in order to keep up with the demand for quality online experiences. Digital transformation is important for marketers but it’s not intended to be a one-way street. Consumers are also becoming more critical of brands that don’t keep up with the times. With the advent of social media platforms, it’s critical for marketers to keep up with the times.

Disruption is happening around every corner.

The media industry is in the midst of a complete transformation. New technologies and new business models are creating competitive challenges for established players. For example, the rise of the internet and digital media has created a whole new set of competitive challenges for television stations. With the on-demand television model, viewers are able to watch their favorite shows whenever they want. That’s great for the shows’ production companies but not so great for local television stations.

Bottom line

Marketers must continually keep a close eye on top 5 stats that’ll transform your marketing strategy for 2022 to stay ahead of the competition. The only way to do this is by staying connected with your customers and creating memorable experiences that are both fun and educational.

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