A Guide About Locked at the Lake

Here in NWI, LockedinattheLake is a uniquely immersive experience not found anywhere else. Choose from 4 distinct experiences and discover more than 60 minutes of nonstop action. Take your chance to join this adventure today!

Your team will have about 60 minutes to tackle the room’s challenge. You’ll need to use good manners while analyzing a variety of suspicious clues, as well as physically solve some of them. You have to be mindful and stay focused on the situation!

The Vault

Your team arrives at the lobby of Safe Holdings Bank, but some of the hostages being held within the vault require removal. You must get them out and get them together with you. However, your cartel will have to work together in several ways to improve the matter.

Your group will finally burst through the mission if you free hostages (usually three-fourths through). It’s electrifying physical exertion.

The minimum number of users for this escape room is 4, but it is optimal to go with 6 to 10 individuals.

The Lake House

The last remaining member of the Ball family tree is busily attempting to discover the latest guardian of Ball family wealth. Cedar Lake’s rich history culminates in a tour of the Ball family lakeside house, which lasts for about 60 minutes.

Only the most suitable heirs will have their claims to this fortune. It’s not easy; only the most rightful beneficiaries will inherit that money.

The Missing Piece

In lockedinatthelake.com, you have been invited to a game night with your friends, where the winners take all the prizes. When you obtain your games, you must know that one bit is missing from them.

You have only 60 minutes to win the game and find all the missing parts. This room combines the excitement and intensity of a real-life game show with the pacing and anticipation packaged within a board game.

This game combines lock teaches with technology. The game Minimum of 4 players and up to 10 can participate in this game, The Missing Piece! Rowan Row Equivalency is 6-10 people!

Under The Stars

It is a very immersive experience full of teamwork and challenge. You have spent a day with your friends hiking and are now lost in the Whispering Woods. You must work together as a unit and use radiance to find your way through the space before the night descends.

Will I be locked inside the escape room?

Well, no! Under the law, we cannot lock you in a tiny room! Nonetheless, have confidence–the pleasure will indeed lie in the thrill of the obstacle we’ve created to spend time with in these rooms. You’ll sense the strain and thrill from the riddle-solving excitement!

What makes your escape rooms the best in NWI?

For those who enjoy participating in escape rooms, we ensure the game is consistent with our overall experience. We’ll take the fun out of the equation to ensure the puzzles are hard enough to challenge any team, but we want them to be manageable to have a good time ourselves. While you’re here, read for yourself about the teams’ thoughts.



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We look forward to seeing you soon!

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