Citizenship PathwaysCitizenship Pathways

The Sanskrit phrase Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam, meaning the world is one family, once symbolised a borderless world where people led nomadic lives. Today, citizenship is required for relocation, and this article highlights nations where Indian citizens can easily obtain it.

  1. Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is a Caribbean nation offering a straightforward citizenship process. To become a citizen, one must be a permanent resident for two years. Earning at least USD 2,000 monthly is a prerequisite. Married individuals can apply after six months of living together. The process involves a medical exam, a language proficiency test, and a final interview.

  1. Peru

With its rich cultural diversity and scenic landscapes, Peru allows citizenship after two years of permanent residency. The process begins with a three-month approval period for a residency visa. Citizenship applicants must pass exams on Peruvian history, culture, and Spanish language proficiency. The cost is approximately USD 25,000, payable in instalments.

  1. Ireland

Ireland is the most accessible nation for Indian citizens to obtain permanent residency. A four-year continuous stay is required for Irish citizenship, with a faster track available for those proving Irish ancestry. Ireland offers growth prospects and a friendly environment and is a sought-after destination for employment and education.

  1. Macedonia

Macedonia, a European nation known for its scenic beauty, offers a swift citizenship process for Indians. Opening a business and hiring ten or more people demonstrates the intent to settle. After a one-year process, citizens benefit from a fixed 10% tax rate while travelling in Europe.

  1. Ecuador

Ecuador, located on South America’s west coast, provides a unique opportunity for free citizenship through an investment program. Contributing USD 25,000 to a Certificate of Deposit (CD) qualifies individuals. Citizenship applications can be made after three years, and an Ecuadorian passport allows visa-free travel to over 80 countries.

  1. Singapore

Singapore, a developed Asian nation with a robust economy and efficient infrastructure, opens its doors for permanent residency through employment, marriage to a Singaporean citizen, or starting a business. Citizenship can be applied after two consecutive years, with male applicants required to volunteer for national duty.

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