The student housing market is heating up across the world, especially in countries like the United States and the United Kingdom, which attracts numerous international students every year. A good number of investors particularly focus on financing new purpose-built developments. The demand of such projects has surged up significantly as modern students desire to enjoy comforts similar to their home, and then some more, at their accommodation during college years. There are many companies through whom one can make such investments, Nelson Partners being one of them.

Owing to the regularity of school terms and high demand of such properties, student accommodation units are ideally able to provide a pretty predictable residential income. It has established itself as quite a recession-proof investment vehicle as opposed to other real estate sectors, as most colleges and universities witness a spike in enrollments during economic downtimes.

First time student housing investors should put emphasis on zeroing on the right location when making their investments.  While city centers developments typically do well, a lot of students prefer to live close to the campus and are even ready to pay a good sum of money for the convenience of being able to run to their morning lectures while being late, rather than having to take the bus.  Hence, when trying to explore options for student accommodations, investors should try to select the ones that are within a biking or walking distance to the campus, are located close to the city center and have proper access to public transport.  Selecting the perfect location is the key to enjoying fruitful long-term returns when it comes to student accommodation.  It would be smart to select a location that is located close to important shops, restaurants and pubs.

Modern day students seek best value for their money and tend to prefer living in high-end accommodation units that come equipped with many amenities, like PBSA’s (purpose-built student accommodation).  These properties provide great amenities and premium living facilities in central locations, and hence are extremely attractive to the students. There are many companies today like Nelson Partners that specializes in the development and management of PBSA’s. Even though such accommodations are self-contained when it comes to individual living units, they do provide structured events like movie and bar nights

These are very attractive to students as they offer high quality design and amenities in central locations. Even though the individual accommodation is self contained, they often offer structured events like bar and movie nights that allow them to be both independent and sociable in equal parts. PBSA’s are able to provide investors a good, low risk way to explore options for luxury property investment. The market for luxury properties is pretty small when it comes to real estate, but so is not the case with student housing. PBSA’s with facilities like gym and cinema rooms have become abundantly common.

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