It was in 2007 that an amazing murder happened, that of Gabriel Cohen and Daniel Petrie. In this situation, both the child killed and the killer were young. According to a section of reports, Gabriel Cohen, the survivor of the case, was only 12 years old, while the killer was 16 years old.

Both were gamers and got together for two reasons, one was that they were neighbors, and the other was that they both played the same game called Tibia. As their inclinations were high, they became old friends, however, as medical reports indicate, Daniel Petrie was paranoid and would quickly lose control over seemingly minor details.

Daniel Petrie was very good at a similar game and used to buy loads of computerized coins in this game. In addition, he will lend computerized coins to his various colleagues in his area. At one point he also loaned his colleague Gabriel Cohen 20,000 coins in advance, and things turned sour when Cohen didn’t pay at Petrie’s request.

How to Kill: Gabriel Cohen and Daniel Petrie

As pointed out by real experts, Gabriel Cohen and Daniel Petrie were old friends, and they used to play a similar game called Tibia in light of the fact that Petrie would have a lot of automatic coins that he would give to his friends. will be collected. On one occasion Cohen asked him for certain coins. Petrie gives him 20,000 automatic coins, but when Petrie mentions returning his coins, Cohen does not, which angers Petrie and chooses to kill him.

He brutally killed Cohen by cutting him with a sharp instrument. However, at first, the test group had no clue about the executioner until they further explored the famous example of the massacre of young gamers and discovered that the executioner was his 16-year-old demon Daniel Petrie. There was no other person.

Petrie was sentenced to a long prison term, and it is common knowledge that after three years, he was released on the grounds that he was under 18 years of age.

Petrie’s parents answer

According to various reports, his people were wonderful and delicate people, and were not on bad terms with anyone in the area, meaning Petrie had a happy childhood. Also, his people added that they noticed some mental changes in Petrie’s demeanor as he would emphasize casual chit-chat, and his academic presentation was largely abandoned. . He often lived alone, without ties to family and territory.

They even referred him to a specialist as his condition worsened day by day.

Last words

Gabriel Cohen and Daniel Petrie’s example became popular again, and is discussed by many people on the web, especially gaming devotees. The crime occurred because Cohen refused to trade Petri 20,000 electronic coins, which Petri had earned in the game.

At the present time, the total value of these coins is about $1.75, which cost Cohen his life. Eventually, Petrie was framed as the murderer and sent to prison for a long period of time.

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