500 Teeth. It’s a joke, it’s a meme, and now it’s becoming the main source of a joke, Origin, Type, and Famous meme which is indicating racial slur? what dinosaur has 500 teeth? has been trending across social media lately with many users posting pictures of their own “500 teeth” in response to the original post. Is this all just clever internet tomfoolery or is there something more sinister at play?

What is the 500 Teeth Dinosaur?

The 500 teeth dinosaur is a creature that was discovered in 2014. It is so named because it has an estimated 500 teeth, which is more than any other known animal. The 500 teeth dinosaur was found in China and is thought to be a new species of theropod, which is a group of dinosaurs that includes Tyrannosaurus Rex and Velociraptor. The discovery of the 500 teeth dinosaur has scientists excited because it could help them learn more about the evolution of theropods.

Origin of the 500 Teeth Dinosaur

The “500 teeth dinosaur” is a nickname given to a particularly well-preserved fossil of the genus Spinosaurus. This particular fossil, which was found in Algeria, is notable for the large number of teeth it still has – up to 500, hence the nickname.

It’s thought that the large number of teeth are indicative of a diet that consisted mainly of fish, and indeed Spinosaurus is thought to have been predominantly a aquatic creature. It’s possible that the high number of teeth were necessary to help it cope with the tough, scaly skin of its prey.

Whatever the reason for its large number of teeth, the “500 teeth dinosaur” is a fascinating example of a creature that once roamed our planet.

Type and Famous meme which is indicating racial slur

The teeth dinosaur is a famous meme which is indicating racial slur. It began circulating on the internet in early 2017 and has been widely used by various groups to mocking black people. The most common use of the meme is to caption pictures of black celebrities or public figures with the phrase “dat n*gga got some big teeth”, in order to make fun of their appearance. The teeth dinosaur has also been used in a more general way to make jokes about black people’s supposed physical and intellectual inferiority.

The Impact of the 500 Teeth Dinosaur

The teeth dinosaur, also known as the Edmontosaurus, was a large herbivore that lived during the Cretaceous period. It was one of the last dinosaurs to live before the mass extinction event that killed them all off. The Edmontosaurus is thought to have been around 30 feet long and weighed around two tons. It had a long neck and tail and ate plants with its sharp teeth.

The Edmontosaurus is significant because it was one of the last dinosaurs to exist before the mass extinction event that killed them all off. This means that it provides scientists with valuable information about what life was like on Earth during the Cretaceous period. Additionally, its sharp teeth suggest that it was a successful predator despite its large size.


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