A brief overview of distributed marketing: a model that places individuals in the center of the marketing process

widely varying marketing rules that are simple to make and to enforce have more success than extremely complicated rules (strictly managed by central marketing teams)

Distributed marketing uses one reason to go to a customer instead of 100 accounts

creating trustworthy relationships between employees and the customer has the potential to mitigate customer dissatisfaction (and maintain engagement)

If you have a team you would like to change in a single interaction with a customer, or they have a direct interaction with you, you have an opportunity to change them

: Group different customer groups that you see as being in line with the way that you want to prioritize your customer marketing efforts with behavior data

1. List 3 tools you have used so far in your experience with distributed marketing

— Postmerchant

— Grammarly

— Campaignplanet

2. 3 critical metrics you usually check to make sure your sales are on target:

— Total sales

— Net sales

— Average order value

— Number of accounts that sign up

— Average email subscriber

— CRM data

3. 4 recommended steps you can follow for showing up in users’ news feeds:

— Show your email notifications when events like: a user has clicked on your website (1. Email event)

— A user’s email is answered (2. Email response)

— A user’s favorite category is supported by a commercial (3. Email in response)

— In the sidebar are a few suggestions as to how you can show up in people’s news feeds.

4. 5 recommendations, based on feedback from users.


(Note: Recommendations that start with copy/css url in 1’s corner do not work well on web browsers so…please tip us on this!)

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6. The 4-step formula to create an email package in which you are able to show up in people’s email updates. Use your personal information and personalization.

7. Best email templates (There are many, but if your target market is looking for a cool spark with visual and colour work, then Pixabay is the best way to go. Or you can get to something close to that with our awesome form generator).

8. Email templates to drag-and-drop your message into the email mailer.

9. Select image file from traderoom.com. We have seen email templates produced by Pixabay work really well.

10. Create the mail, which has the full text of the message. Save it in your corporate email of choice.

Make sure to include your credentials (and your first name, email id and logo)

Disclaimer: The contact form is completely open, so we can share your personal information, and you can add your email id and full text of the text of the message you’re showing up in. Email us if you have questions about how to share information with us.
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