If you are planning to take up fashion photography as a lucrative career, you must love fashion and photography equally. The career is super exciting as you work with a lot of people and get the chance to travel the world. However, first things first- in order to become a successful professional, you must have a clear idea of the basics of the shoot and get to know how the industry works for success.

Bruce Weber photographer tips for beginners

Bruce Weber is an ace photographer and an iconic name in the world of fashion photography in the USA. In the beginning, he studied theatre at Denison University in Ohio before he began his career in fashion photography while studying film at New York University in the 1960s.

A chance meeting with Diane Arbus at Greenwich Village changed his life. She was an esteemed name in street photography in New York and later became an advocate of his work. She subsequently introduced him to the New School for Social Research, where he trained under the Australian- born esteemed photographer Lisette Model who was Arbus’s teacher as well.

He is an extremely talented professional, and his vision defines an epoch. His photographs for famous fashion houses like Ralph Lauren and Calvin during the 1980s and 1990s were outstanding examples of high art. Today the Bruce Weber Photographer images and collections are displayed in art galleries and museums across the globe.

Beginning your career in fashion photography

He recommends you practice on your own to get the confidence you need. You can start with casual shoots and can ask a friend for help to serve as your model. Clothing and fabric can be what you have, so do not worry about them in the beginning. Wrap it around your model and start to click pictures.

For creating the best backdrop for the image, use daily items in your home as props. Make a theme and drape the fabric on the model when you are focusing on close-up shots. In case there are wrinkles on the model’s face, ensure you cover them up.

Daily items work fine as your props

When you are focusing on accessories for the photoshoot, use daily items again. Light plays a key role in capturing the best shots. Make sure you use the natural light coming in from windows. The visual effects in the photograph you get are good in natural light. Tripods are great if you are shooting yourself as the model. Remember, you need to start gradually and embrace these simple tactics for progress.

An important Bruce Weber Photographer tip is to be patient when you are starting your career as a fashion photographer. Practice will make you perfect. Observation skills are essential when it comes to taking photographs. You should take time to self-educate yourself. Remember, when it comes to fashion photography, it is prudent for you to examine the work of prominent professionals in the industry to get ideas and inspiration. This helps you excel as a photographer and establish your presence in the industry.

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