Teenage drug abuse is one of the scariest social evils. NIDA (National Institute on Drug Abuse) released a medical bulletin that reveals one out of four teenagers in America are addicted to some illicit substance. At the same time, the review report published by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Association discovered that over 20 million people in the USA have some disorder pertaining to an illicit substance that includes high dose prescription drugs and major drugs like heroin. Some people are intensely addicted to alcohol, which is alarming.

Dr. Curtis Cripe – Eliminate the adverse effects of drug abuse for your teen

Even if your child is struggling with drug abuse, it is prudent for you to book an appointment and speak to a professional for treatment. According to eminent neuroscientist, psychotherapist, and neuro-engineer, Dr. Curtis Cripe, it is very important for parents to immediately get their teenagers into drug abuse to consult a specialist in the matter. He is a specialist in behavioral medicines and offers extensive healing solutions for psychological issues, disorders linked to the brain, neurodevelopment issues, disorders associated with brain injury, and drug addiction recovery.

Comprehensive healing solutions for patients

His Foundation Crossroads Institute has evolved a lot since its inception in the above field. His esteemed center for medical care provides therapy solutions via twelve service points that are located across seven states. This means if a person is not from Arizona, he/she can visit the official website of this center and find the nearest management center for their needs. They can visit the skilled and compassionate team of professionals who have been guided and trained by the esteemed specialist neuroscientist himself.

Get treated in the right way by a highly trained team

You are able to get all the solutions linked to memory loss, brain injury-related issues, delays in sensory processing, development disorder, and solutions for recovery from drug addiction.

The experienced and highly valued brain development and neural system specialist is also functioning as the Director of Research and Development in the NTL Group, located in Phoenix, Arizona, where one can meet him for a consultation.

A leading name in medical treatment and therapy for drug addicts

The Crossroads Institute offers therapy solutions to families and parents of children with ASD, ADD, ADHD, and Drug Abuse. Thanks to his professional and academic expertise, he can treat multiple areas pertaining to neuroscience, engineering, psychotherapy, psychology, aerospace engineering, and software development.

Wrapping things up

Dr. Curtis Cripe is the first neuroscientist who has launched amazing software programs like NeuroCoach and NeuroCodex, designed to treat cognitive repair and brain disorders. The solutions provided here for drug addicts are the results of his undying effort and research based on conventional concepts linked to state-of-the-art mechanisms and several ideologies. The first software platform matches rehab solutions to esteemed psychotherapists. The second platform aids in identifying the challenging areas of the brain’s internal system that needs therapy.

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