Earlier this year, the Lifetime brand brought out an exciting wigs drama with Just The Two Of Us and Welcome to Task Force. We talked to Q2 Studios, an Antigone of wigs to find out more about what it takes to perfect your glamorous hair.

“Costumers need to know wigs are an essential style and how to make wigs at home, and some of our best clients love their wigs,” explains Sonny Ekambikou, Director of Creative Jewelry & Fashion at Q2 Studios.

So, what’s the difference between a wig and a costume?

Some Wigs Are No Comparable To In-House Costumes

There are really different kinds of wigs depending on the style of wigs, we, as a brand, use to make our wigs. Wigs are fabricated from different materials in order to look realistic and are put on by professionals in wig design before being printed onto a service t-shirt. Some of our celebrity clients choose to have their wig from within their individual hair. Some wig names are simply stating the name of the wig. This is quite a unique name, and a wig’s identity should reflect the person wearing it.

What Does It Take To Perfect Your Bridal Wigs?

The days of getting out of the van and driving to the hair salon are well, gone. We have customized our services to accommodate our service users. If the client wants a wig, it’s like going to the salon with a jacket, shirt, and heels. Our service users cannot just walk in and get a service. The hairstylist will be taking pictures, being a witness to their privacy before starting to try it on with a 3D mirror. This confidentiality isn’t just for that service user, others on the bill will be viewing their transformation. With the help of the hairstylist, our service providers take great care of the professional and informed client who carefully reads the service and make sure he or she will only wear the perfect kind of wig.

Most of our clients don’t enjoy the service

On the day’s clients choose to be discreet about why they want to get a wig we want to allay their privacy. We don’t take our services back home if the service user wants their new curly wig to go on and off.

Your Fashion Wigs are not like your Personal Wigs

While color can be the reason someone wants to get a wig, we do get customers who work out how to dress in their new wig. Most of our clients even find creative ways to express themselves when working out how to use their newly-acquired wigs.

Free Tous Slomin

Our wig prices are affordable and known within the industry. Some of our clients just want to get something about their love of celebrity or entertainment. Their carers, stylists, hairdressers, and even makeup artists have a favorite wig. We take care to our clients that we have enjoyed wearing ourselves, and we want to be at the center of that. We want to promote we have got a great customer service team, and are perfectly here to have fun with and fix the costume and make the client smile.

Your Domestic Wigs Are Unique And Not To Be Missed

Our services are a bit more cut and paste. We take our services and any added costs like collection materials, or fitting for your wigs, out of your pocket. Everything starts and ends with you, and you only need to pay what you want. Our free tous slain service adds polish and enhances the cutting. Our beauty services are free to receive too. We don’t charge a commission for services.

Our service providers can be top of their field and have a professional head in their training. They are well-trained and dedicated as all they do is take care of your needs. Our client allows us to know even more about them, so we are able to modify our work in a way that suits their body type. If your hair is any different than we have made for you, we also have a creative team for free to kit you out with the personalized special color, detail, lash, finishing, lengthening, color, waxing, and more. Our Wigs will last longer

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