Suppose you have been observing the cryptocurrency roller coaster ride for some time in the news, from the creation of many decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) to the rise of the DeFis against conventional business models of financial services along with the valuations of certain NFT assets that are defying all logic. In that case, you now might seem to wonder what will come next?

Though experts in the field cannot predict exactly what will happen, they take educated guesses as to the multiple developments that might shape up this space for several years in the future.  

Emerging technologies are cropping up across the world. Spotting a highly potential winner, then understanding its potential in the market, and later applying the needed talent to foster it effectively is vital in today’s business world!

Kavan Choksi – Blockchain predictions for 2022 based on past trends

Kavan Choksi is a highly popular and well-respected entrepreneur, well-known for his expert business skills. He believes blockchain technology is a highly emerging ecosystem in the technological space. In his opinion, the technology will affect the NFT market to a large extent. It is expected to expand drastically as more things will transcend from physical to digital. This marketplace offers its users the ability to effectively assert individual property rights for any digital asset. 

NFTs and their future for 2022

He believes the NFT 2.0 model will not focus on art and concentrate more on utility, online gaming, extensive social sharing, and gaining access to communities that are hyper exclusive in nature. This metaverse concept on its own will offer a wealth of innovative- use cases for novel NFT applications.

The risks and the challenges the non-fungible token market faces will need a certain regulatory intervention that will be extremely vital for NFT’s future.

Greater skill demands for blockchain in 2022

2022 will witness a huge demand for both blockchains as well as cryptocurrency skills across the world. The increasing popularity of key cryptocurrencies, their largely increasing prominence and blockchain in multiple sectors, and their promising potential for growth in the blockchain technology industry effectively trigger greater demand for blockchain and cryptocurrency skills in the market now.

Huge spread

According to business expert Kavan Choksi, Blockchain technology today is now in a position where esteemed corporations and governments, and not just a tiny community of IT specialists, are beginning to understand its huge potential to improve people’s lives and build resilient organizations. Due to the above reason, businesses require blockchain technology experts to help them in the application of innovative blockchain technology to fulfill their short and long-term business goals.

The blockchain technology landscape is dynamic and consistently evolving, and experts do not know exactly what will take place in 2022 or beyond. However, in the above context, one thing is positive and should be highlighted and shared- the future lies in blockchain technology. Most business experts believe it is the only technology in the community that will revolutionize the way things will be done in the forthcoming years in the future. If you are a business owner, you should start thinking about it if you have not incorporated it into your business model!

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