Many people love their iPhone and they also love to have it with them at all times. However, for some of us who have smaller hands or those with large phones, having the phone in a case is not an option. The smaller the phone the more cases you will need, the more cases you will need the more money you will spend and the less enjoyable your phone-wearing experiences will be. So how do you keep your smartphone but not its expensive purchase? How about a case that guarantees lasting protection without intruding on your personal space? The answer is a bumper case. These cases protect your phone from drops, bumps, scrapes and other accidents while still giving you access to all of its functions and controls. There are so many different types of bumpers out there that we’ve put together this list of our favorite iPhone bumber cases. If you’re looking for something a little different or just want to see what others think of this type of case then check out our list below!

What is a Bumper Case?

A bump case is a case that fits snugly around your phone to provide extra protection against drops and other incidents that might otherwise cause damage. Some cases are made with a raised lip that protects your phone from falls and other incidents that might otherwise cause damage. While most cases have bumpers that are designed to sit on your phone’s back, some cases have a built-in stand function to give you better phone viewing angles. Some cases also have a built-in wallet function to keep your phone organized and easy to find when you’re on the move.

Why Are Bumper Cases Important?

Phone case manufacturers know that you will spend a lot of time using your phone and you want to be able to take care of it while you’re at it. That’s where a durable case comes into play. A good bumper case can help protect your phone against drops, bumps, scrapes and other incidents that might otherwise cause damage. These cases also help to prevent your phone from getting water damage which can happen when you drop your phone in water or if it gets caught in a toilet or any other water-filled object.

The 5 Best iPhone Bumper Cases

Bumper cases come in all forms and sizes but there are a few key features that make a great case: Worthwhile protection – The best bumpers are ones that offer good, lasting protection without adding too much bulk to your phone. Easy to install – Most bumpers are self-adhesive so you shouldn’t need to remove your phone from the case to install it into a bumper. Durable – Many bump cases are made from durable plastic or rubber which make them durable enough to protect your phone even after months of daily use. Easy to clean – Your bumper case should be easy to clean as well as look after. Magnetic – Some cases have a built-in magnet that easily holds your phone in place when you’re on the move.

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  5. UAG

How to Choose the Right Bumper Case for Your Device

When it comes time to purchase a bumper case for your phone you’ll want to make sure that it meets the following criteria: Phone models – Since most bumpers are universal and fit most phones it’s important to make sure that the case you’re buying is specifically designed for the phone model that you have. This is because each phone model will have different requirements when it comes to the type, amount and location of protection that a bumper case should provide. Case material – There are many different materials out there that make good bumpers but choose a material that will provide good protection without being too bulky or adding too much weight to your phone. Case design – Some cases are designed to sit on your phone rather than being flush against it which gives your phone more surface area to grip. This is better for certain situations such as when you’re out and about without a desk or table to lean against.

Final Words: Should You Get a Bumper Case for Your Phone?

If you’ve been using a given phone for any length of time you’ll know that cases can get scratched, dinged up and even fall off. If you frequently take your phone into public places or where people are likely to see it, a case with a built-in pocket or wallet function could save you from having to replace your phone’s case every few months. Once you’ve chosen the right case for your phone, the rest is up to you: should you get one? The short answer is yes. No matter how careful you are with your phone, it will always fall a few times in life. It’s normal to protect your investment by investing in a quality case that will help you out in these situations. In fact, a quality case will help you out so much that you’ll never need to buy another case because you’ll love this one so much!

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