IGTV hit the market in June 2018. After a year since its introduction, it is still going through significant experiments. It implies, marketers and social media managers are unsure about the most effective content type on IGTV. Even today, a lesser count of brands has accumulated on this platform, compared with the competition on other social media platforms. You might use the video maker software for creating video content for this platform. Before that, you must have a precise idea about the best approaches and orientations in picking the Content for the IGTV platform. Hence, drawing insights from the proposals by the top brands certainly makes wise sense. 

How is IGTV different from other digital marketing platforms?

Today, there is no shortage in the web platforms for promoting a brand digitally. But, IGTV is utterly different from any such platform. Therefore, you need a detailed and well-researched approach to creating the Content of IGTV. Hence, first and foremost, you must hold a concise knowledge about this platform and its key features. This knowledge will drive you to create the most relevant content for this platform. 

Instagram TV is a distinct section of the Instagram app. Here users can create their channel and start posting long videos. Here, you can post videos to the maximum span of an hour, if you have verified your account. It is a specialized platform for posting such long videos. It is the only platform that exclusively deals with vertical videos. You can upload your videos from your PCs and Smartphones. The step in this regard is simple and takes the minimum time. 

IGTV has changed the usual approaches and orientation in digital marketing, setting new criteria in Video marketing. The platform has the potential to secure more impacting engagement between a brand and its target audience. 

How small and big brands approach IGTV Content?

Once you have pointed out, IGTVs exclusive features, creating its Content becomes a much easier task. To streamline your job in this regard further, you can undoubtedly draw ideas from the small and big brands already using this platform. Though not to imitate frame-upon-frame, these ideas will surely fetch excellent inspirations to create the most engaging Content for your audience on this platform. 

1.      Kvell Collective is using simple yet Funny Content on IGTV

Kvell Collective is a creative studio that creates and sells animated resources that feature social media, phones, and Videos. 

This company is using the IGTV platform to inform its audience of the launch of its latest stickers. You will find their videos, funny and engaging. The use of Bright and solid-shade backgrounds is the most prominent feature of their videos. These contents are performing well, as the audience finds it entertaining. Besides, it is a candid way of marketing their products in the most impacting manner. You can indeed find inspiration from these ideas, customizing the plot and the design as per your specific objectives and purposes. The IGTV video editor makes it easy to edit your videos the manner you want. 

2.      Honest Company is using crude and user-created Content to fascinate its audience 

Founded by Jessica Alba, Honest Company deals with beauty care and baby products. This company has launched an IGTV series that features four ladies who got pregnant unexpectedly. These women are generating the Content themselves, and these contents are shot in casual approaches. The company collects these clips and does the necessary editing to create relevant Content to drive the series. The use of user-generated and raw Content adds more reality to the series. It touches the hearts of the target audience- women and expecting mothers. This way, the company has secured a beautiful engagement with its audience, enjoying their highest loyalty towards the brand. 

3.      Bulletproof deserves sincere appreciation for their best educational videos 

Bulletproof deals with performance-boosting supplements, and Bulletproof Coffee is their most popular product. Research on their target audience accounted for the fact that they are majorly Biohackers. As such, they are much concerned about the story on the choice of ingredients and recipes. 

To address the specific queries of their target audience, Bulletproof launched an educational video series. These series offer detailed information about the key ingredients of their products and how they benefit the consumer. Besides, these videos exhibit the science behind the recipes and display the crucial aspects of production. These contents will inspire you to create appealing and compelling slideshow presentations, involving the minimum spending plan. Likewise, you also learn how to use animated resources to boost the engagement of your Content. 

4.      Sweetgreen uses relevant and Low-key style content on IGTV 

Sweetgreen is a first-of-the kind Casual Salad Restaurant. They have come up with a series on IGTV that features celebs of the same domain. Though these videos are perfectly edited, but display more of a casual and informal approach. If you are looking for minimalist yet engaging Content, these videos will surely offer some significant inspiration. These videos are entertaining, yet goes about educating the viewers. The result is that this brand has consolidated its position, enjoying an edge over its competitors. Therefore, taking ideas from these contents is undoubtedly a wise act. It will produce the most engaging marketing videos for your brand, with just some customization to make it relevant. 

5.      SoulCycle emphasizes on highlighting Community Stories 

A giant in spine-class fitness, SoulCycle has some candid ideas to offer about IGTV content. They are emphasizing on the spirit of a community, and their Content highlights the community stories. It is all about bringing like-minded individuals closer to each other, helping themselves to accomplish some specific fitness goals. 

Drawing ideas and inspirations from these contents will make it easier to decide what type of Content you should use on IGTV. You need a considerate approach to identify the critical aspects that best suits your brand and the products and services you offer. This way, creating the best marketing videos becomes as simple as a matter of a few clicks. 

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