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Anime is one of the most fan-favorite modes of entertainment in the world. The fans love to watch all the different types of anime based on popular Japanese Manga. 

Dragon ball z, naruto, attack on titan, and Death Note are some of the notable anime series that the fans love and revere. Each of these anime series has millions of global fans.

If you want numbers to amaze you, one bullion anime fans globally love to watch it. The community of anime watchers is growing insanely. 

Although anime is a product of Japan, viewers from different locations globally love to watch them.USA, Philippines, India, Indonesia, and Saudi Arabia are some countries where a huge number of anime fans are present. 

I have picked five countries where anime is popular in this article. These countries have 


It will be unfair not to include Japan in the list since it is the country where anime originates from. Anime has huge popularity in Japan. In the 1960s, the first anime episode started airing on Japanese TV. 

As time moves forward, the number of people watching anime is increasing. With the increasing popularity of anime, the plot, story, and animation is getting much more complex and adult audience-driven. 

There are wide varieties of anime genres that cater to the different sets of anime audiences. Therefore, both mainstream and niche audiences get their deserved taste of anime served to the front of many new anime series launching every year. 

Japan loves and respects anime as a part of its culture. People of almost all ages in Japan are fond of anime. 


There are more audiences of anime in the US than you can imagine. The USA has many anime fans who love to watch fan-favorite shows like Jujutsu kaizen, Attack On Titan, My Hero Academia, and Doctor Stone. 

The USA has one of the largest anime fans as the Anime Expo in LA is one of the biggest anime conventions. More than 107600 people join the anime Expo, with more and more people joining every day. 

According to the report of 2020, Naruto, Pokemon, One Punch Man, Attack on Titan topped the Netflix chart. It is evident how popular anime is in the USA. 

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In the Philippines, there are many anime audiences. The main reason behind this is the early introduction of anime to the Filipino people. It was during the 1970s that the Philippines got introduced to anime. 

In terms of the fame and popularity of anime in the Philippines, I can say that the Philippines is close to the level of Japan. The craze of anime has influenced the Philippines in making anime-themed locations in Indonesia.

You can see anime-inspired cafes in different parts of the city. For example, in Metro Manila, there is a Japanese-themed market called Ichiban Japanese Market. This market created a replica of the Japanese Tsukiji market of Tokyo and how it feels like to be in this market. 

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From the 70s and especially in the 90s, tons of Japanese anime aired on French TV. So. it is safe to say that the relationship of Japanese anime with french fans has been for a long time. As a result, the French citizen got acquainted with Manga, the source of anime.

Surprisingly, France became the second-largest country in the world to read the most Manga. The Anime Expo Paris is the biggest anime convention outside of Asia. 

France had three different platforms for watching anime legally for a long time, whereas the US had only one. Crunchyroll, Wakanim, and ADN are three popular legal platforms for watching anime; all of them are available in France; surprisingly, The US has only Crunchyroll. 


One of the large fan bases of anime resides in India. There are millions of anime fans in India. Most Indian children watch anime in India without knowing that they are anime. It might sound funny, but some kinds of anime like Shinchan, Ninja Hatori, Doraemon are really popular in India. 

Indian TV channels release these anime series in Hindi dubbed. Also, famous classic shounen anime like Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, and One Piece are immensely popular in India. In addition, movies like My neighbor Totoro, Spirited Away, and Your Name have many fans that deeply love them in India.

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Since the last two decades, anime fans have grown immensely; thanks to the internet, there are now many global communities and fanbases who dearly love and talk about anime on different social media and online platforms.

The way new anime is improving, we can only expect anime to flourish in the future. Countries like Peru, Brazil, and Russia also have lots of anime fans who love and care about anime very much.

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