JoinPD is software developed for students and teachers to create an online presentation using the code on PearDeck. This code is assigned after account creation and teacher submission on the website. is a well-known teacher/student portal in the United States.

Technology has gone much further. In the era of COVID-19, many software companies have developed and established online software, tools, and portals. These portals are now helping a lot in the field of education. In this guide, I will talk about JoinPD software, which is specially developed for teachers and students. Let’s explore it:

What is JoinPD PearDeck?

JoinPD is an online tool that allows students to join the teacher-created presentation in progress on the website. Actually, JoinPD is a dynamic presentation mode. This means that the student can easily access the presentation at any time.

But keep in mind that the student can only join the presentation on JoinPD if they have an account on Pear Deck and JoinPD. code com. So it is quite easy to create an account on it and join the presentation. This technology provides powerful learning missions and helps teachers do it.

This online platform has a unique way of communication. First, the teacher creates a JoinPD account and then sends an email and a code to all students to join the presentation.

Once students get the code and email from JoinPD, they can join the presentation at any time within the presentation time. It doesn’t matter where the students are.

But since the teacher creates a Pear Deck account, the students must create a Pear Deck account. Only by following this path, the peer-to-peer connection can be established.

How to create a PearDeck account as a Teacher?

As I mentioned earlier, creating an account is required for both teachers and students, so if you’re a new fellow, follow the instructions to join JoinPD:

  • Open the website and click the Teacher Login button on the home page.
  • Now, choose the role to sign in: a) Sign in with Google b) Sign in with Microsoft
  • After this, if you are creating an account as a teacher, press Teacher or Student to register as a student.
  • There are many other options to sign up such as district administrator, technology administrator, librarian and many others. So select the option accordingly.
  • If you selected the Teacher role, enter your zip code and school name in the field and press the Start button.

How to create a PearDeck account as a Student?

The process is the same for student login. So hit the Student option and sign in with Gmail or Microsoft mail. The choice is yours.

  • Open the link and press sign in with Gmail or Microsoft. After this, connect your account to Google Drive or Onedrive for cloud storage.
  • Once you sign up for PearDeck, you will be able to access your account if you want to join the presentation.
  • But once you hit the Join submission button, you’ll get a Peardeck login code to enter. The joinPD code will be assigned to the student by a teacher. A teacher sends a Gmail and JoinPD code to each student.
  • So that students can easily access the presentation.

How to join a JoinPD presentation class?

  • First open link.
  • Once the teacher completes his registration on PeerDeck, he prepares a presentation or lesson to deliver.
  • After that, the teacher shares the Join PD code with his students on WhatsApp, Telegram or any other group where all the students have joined.
  • Students are asked to join the presentation by clicking Join Session on the header menu.
  • Students just need to enter this code and the presentation class will start.

Pricing on Pier Deck

Initially, the tools are completely free to use but as we all know that free tools have some limitations. So every tool or software has its own premium features just like PeerDeck.

It has three plans:

  • Basic (Free)
  • Individual Premium ($149.99/year)
  • Schools and districts (custom)

Pricing on Pier Deck

Well, all the above plans work fine and an organization can use them as per their needs. The basic plan is absolutely free but resources are limited.

The Individual plan is premium so it has many features like adding questions and activities on the fly, keeping students in sync with locks and timers, supporting remote and asynchronous work with student paced mode, student answers View and highlight by name. Teacher Dashboard and more.

A custom plan is primarily for schools and districts with multiple entities. So the customized plan allows schools to create the desired plan with the best features such as premium features for each teacher and student, utility reports designed to give real-time usage and data to teachers and administrators, canvas and LMS integration with Schoology, dedicated onboarding support and implementation and many more.

Join presentation class at JoinPDcom

  • Visit
  • Enter the 5-digit code and press Enter.
  • You will be redirected to the presentation.


JoinPD software is easy to use and has a user-friendly interface to join developments from Peardeck. It has become a demand of many educational institutions as it communicates effectively with the teacher and students. I hope to enjoy all the features Peardeck has to offer soon!

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