Fococlipping is an app that helps you easily remove backgrounds or isolate an object. It’s the easiest, most intuitive way to do it.  

If you’re trying to cut out a part of an image because it’s in front of something else, this will make your job much easier. This includes creating logos or overlaying text on an image. You can also use Fococlip for photo editing to create interesting collages and videos with multiple images.

Check out these 3 easy steps for using Fococlip to remove backgrounds and then follow our tips on how to use our app for all sorts of jobs!

Step 1: Scan your picture

Step 2: Tap the brush icon under the “Tool” tab

Step 3: Paint over the area you want to remove.


How does Fococlipping work?

Fococlip is an app that makes background removal easy.

Backgrounds are either in front of the subject you want to isolate or they’re obscuring it. As a result, you can’t see what’s behind it. This is where Fococlip comes in handy! There are three simple steps to remove backgrounds with Fococlips.


3 easy steps for removing backgrounds

There are many reasons to use Fococlip’s background removal. You could be using it for logo design, creating collages with photos, or isolating objects in an image. It’s super easy and intuitive. Follow these 3 steps for how to remove backgrounds on Fococlip!

Step 1: Scan your picture

Step 2: Tap the brush icon under the “Tool” tab

Step 3: Paint over the area you want to remove


Tips on how to use Fococlipping

Fococlipping is a powerful app that can be used for a ton of different jobs.

Here are some tips on how to use Fococlipping for specific jobs:

– Create a logo or overlay text on an image

– Remove text from an image

– Cut out an object from a background

– Cut out objects from multiple images

– Use as a photo editing tool

Check out the app and try it out!



Fococlipping is a free online photo editor that is great for making simple edits to your photos.

It’s easy to use and there are a number of different options for editing.

But what you need to know is that if you want to remove a background from an image, then there are 3 steps that you need to take.

First, select the “Clip” option on the left side of the screen.

Second, hover over the part of the photo that you want to remove and hit “Crop” again.

Finally, crop the image to the size that you want it to be and press “Done.”

That’s it! You’ve successfully removed the background from your image.

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