If you are annoyed that your subscription page is blank whenever you log in and you find your video isn’t showing up then it’s probably because your video is hosted elsewhere (if it’s ever been there), not because of your super hard-to-make video or video editing, but because of two things:

1) My video is not uploaded to our website by our own content syndication service nor our YouTube channel which I’ll touch upon in an upcoming episode.

2) YouTube’s system doesn’t automatically have an embed option in their video uploader.

This is not a good experience for the user, and for our business. I don’t want to totally blame my host. If you’re hosting your own videos you could have ways to better make the experience. I’m not pointing a finger at my host but if you’re hosting your videos yourself then you’ll need to be aware of some things.

It’s frustrating

It’s miserable being a 20-year-old woman in our generation. I am an introvert, all I want to do is be able to browse in my local library — find a quiet corner, get an hourglass, scroll through a literature shelf of first-hand experience, calm down, take in my head, for a while, and just connect. Before you go and buy a new book, and even months into a brand new job, you could be reading a book about self-help, psychology, psychological well-being. For a silent introvert, that’s just way too much for me. Some of you are your introverted self anyway, and some of you have no introvert issues at all. But there are plenty of people who are both introverts and introverts.

Get It Off your Listening Devices

In your introvert-exclusive armchair — you don’t enjoy looking at every potential step to your future, having to take ten steps before it is all set up. Unless I’m speaking to one of you face-to-face, I don’t enjoy all of the steps it might take to upload a video. I would hate to look into doing it on my own when I can’t engage with the content creator myself. I like my idling time in between sessions.

Just because I’m a 20-year-old who has trouble typing doesn’t mean I don’t have a role in your life. We’re not all on the same path though, and right now I’m experiencing my own constraints. I don’t mean that I have short times horizons as some millennials do, but that I won’t be scheduling an entire hour with myself to be able to write a smart, thought-provoking article. If you’re like me or you’re new to Subscriptor.com, then I have to walk you through different things first before you’re actually fully armed to upload your content. This comes with the territory and it will help you more comfortable with the process as you grow your personal profile. Just like with any other type of technology.

5 Videos (Not all of them will be available on my subsite)

But if the process is a little too long to upload, don’t fret because I’m here to push you along (assuming you’re a young techno buff like me!). Below I’ve listed a handful of posts by different writers/authors we include in our Subscriptor.com platform. This post is available on Subscriptor.com too.

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